Lastolite EZYBox Softbox - 24 x 24"

Lastolite EZYBox Softbox - 24 x 24"
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  • Product Details
  • • Ideal for 3/4 length portraits of 1 or 2 adults.
  • • Recessed front controls light spill and allows attachment of an optional fabric grid.
  • Speedring for Canon/Nikon flashes is included

Up and working in less than one minute, the EZYbox from Lastolite has revolutionized the location photographers kitbag forever! The secret of Ezybox is in its unique, patented design. Four collapsible Lastolite panels are stitched together to form a softbox which pops up in seconds when needed, yet folds to a compact size of only 10".

A separate diffuser is joined with Touch Fastener, then the included small flash Speed Ring adapter attaches in less than ten seconds with no screws or fasteners of any type.