Notes: This is a rod-based octa softbox that includes a built-in speedring for Elinchrom flash heads. This octa light bank does not come with a light stand. A C Stand is recommended for this very heavy modifier.

Rental includes:
  • (1) 6’ Octa Softbox
  • (1) Outer Diffuser
  • (1) Inner Diffuser
  • (8) Rods (Built-In) and (1) Speedring (Built-In)

  • • Large and All Encompassing
  • • Double Layer Diffusers
  • • Silver Interior

The Elinchrom 6’ Octa Light Bank is a very large modifier that is suitable for large groups, such as an entire wedding party. It folds out like an umbrella and an Elinchrom monolight fits into the built-in speedring and locks into place. It is a reflective, or indirect, light source so the monolight must go in bulb-side first. Please refer to the installation guide for more info. This is an exceptionally even modifier and produces very soft light.