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The Elinchrom 39” Deep Octa Softbox behaves like a typical octa softbox with two key differences: it is deeper than the average octa and also sports deflector, making this modifier behave like a large beauty dish combined with a softbox. With the diffusers removed, it behaves like a large reflector making this a very versatile lighting tool. The 3.25’ size is large enough for groups of 2-3 people but it is particularly suited for 1 person, especially when soft light with a lot of facial definition is needed.
  • (1) 39” Octa Softbox
  • (1) Deflector
  • (1) Inner Diffuser
  • (1) Outer Diffuser
  • (1) Deflector Stem and Lock Screw
  • (8) Rods
  • (1) Speedring
This octal softbox does not require a speedring for mounting but is only compatible with Elinchrom flash heads. It is a rod-based modifier and may work on other brand speedrings. Experiment at your own risk.
  • • Deep Construction for Added Control and Definition
  • • White Deflector
  • • Silver Interior
There is no manual for this product.