Broncolor 2.5' Octabox

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Notes: This octabox does not come with a speed ring. You will either need to use a speed ring that comes with a Broncolor Two Litos Monolight Kit or rent one separately.

Rental Includes:
  • • Inner Baffle
  • • Outer Diffuser
  • • Support Rods

  • • 2.5'
  • • Accommodates Up to 3 Diffusers (or 2 Diffusers and 1 Grid) Simultaneously (Additional Diffusers Not Included)
  • • Color-Coded Rods

The Broncolor 2.5' Octabox provides very homogenous spread of light, minimal hot spots, and pleasing, round catch-lights. It is designed for classical portraits and head shots. Due to the universal tendencies of speedrings and rods, other-branded speedrings may still fit on this octabox but experiment at your own risk.