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Bowens Softbox 55x16"(140x40cm)

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  • Expected: April 29
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Notes: This softbox is designed for strobes only unless a small flash-specific speedring is used.

This softbox does not accept grids/egg crates.

Rental Includes:
  • (1) Bowens Speedring
  • (1) Inner Baffle

  • • Size: 55x16”
  • • Strip Box Shape (narrow rectangle)
  • • Removable Front Diffuser
  • • Removable Inner Baffle


The Bowens Softbox 55x16"(140x40cm) features a punchy, silver interior and a softening, removable inner baffle in a narrow, rectangular shape that is ideal for hair and edge lighting. It is compatible with our Bowens lighting kits as well as our Impact lighting kits.