Bowens Lumiair 36" Octobank Softbox

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Notes: This softbox comes with a speedring adapter that will hold the rods in place to be attached to an included Bowens-style speedring for Bowens and Impact strobe heads. You must use a mount adapter of your personal choosing with this rod-holder or rent a separate speedring of choice to use this softbox with non-Bowens/Impact brand strobes and flashes (though we cannot guarantee a perfect fit with these other speedrings). This softbox is of shallow construction and is not recommended for hot lights.

Rental Includes:
  • (1) Rear Cowl (to trap excess light)
  • (1) Front Diffuser
  • (1) Internal Diffuser/Baffle
  • (8) Support Rods
  • (1) Speedring Adapter for Rods
  • (1) Speedring Adapter for Bowens/Impact Strobes
  • • Soft Case

  • • Shape: Octagonal
  • • Compatibility : Bowens/Impact Strobes with Included Speedring.
  • • Baffle Removable
  • • Accepts Egg Crate/Soft Grids (not included)
  • • Dimensions: 35"x35"x16"

The Bowens Lumiair 36" Octobank creates wrap-around light with nice, round catchlights in the eyes of the subject. The reflective interior and shallow construction helps keep the light strong and efficient and is made with optimum color calibration in mind. It comes with two layers of diffusion of even, soft spread with no hot spots. The rear cowl keeps light from spilling out. This softbox comes with the speedring set that is compatible with Bowens and Impact strobe heads but the rods can be inserted into a variety of speedrings if you'd like to use this box with other brand strobes or flash heads (though we cannot guarantee a perfect fit with these other speedrings).