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The Zacuto Z-Finder Pro for Canon C100 is an optical viewfinder that will magnify the C100's LCD screen by 1.8x. The diopter is adjustable to match the focus of your eye. The mount slides onto the LCD screen when articulated and the viewfinder snaps onto the mount. The Z-Band provides extra support if you want to tilt your screen. The Z-Finder helps keep out glare and light when looking at the LCD and is helpful for those who need a magnified view.
  • • Mounting Frame
  • • 40mm Optical Lens
  • • Diopter
  • • (3) Extender Frames
  • • Anti-Fog Cover
  • • Z-Band
  • • Lens Cap, Sun Mask, and Dust Cover
  • Designed specifically to fit the Canon C100 LCD screen but NOT the Canon C100 Mark II. It is designed to fit while using a standard C100 battery. Larger battery packs may cause the Z-finder to not fit. Avoid direct sunlight from entering the Z-Finder: the magnifier could damage the camera LCD when hit with direct sun.
  • • Magnifies LCD by 1.8x
  • • Adjustable Diopter
  • • Extender Frames for Farsightedness
  • There is no manual for this product.