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Canon EOS 60Da Astrophotography Digital SLR

7 Days
Retail: $1,499.00
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The Canon EOS 60Da Astrophotography Digital SLR is designed specifically for long exposures and deep sky astrophotography. It removes the low-pass, long-wavelength filter found in most DSLRs so that normally difficult-to-render red emissions can be more accurately captured. A modified filter increases infrared sensitivity to allow for crisp, clear images of red, diffuse subjects like nebulae or even fireworks. The filter allows for a hydrogen-alpha light transparency that is three times higher than the standard 60D. It also sports a 63-zone dual-layer metering system that works alongside the 9-point AF system so that color and luminosity surrounding your AF points remains accurately measured. This makes the 60Da particularly useful when shooting in brightness extremes so that overexposed areas of a scene do not overly influence your metering - the camera is designed for shooting bright "events" against dark spaces. This camera is ideal for fireworks photography, astrophotography, night sky photography, concerts, and light shows.
  • • Body Cap
  • • Camera Strap
  • • Battery
  • • Charger
  • We make every attempt to have a fully charged battery for you but we can’t guarantee it 100%. If you need a fully charged battery, please request it via the order notes. Note, also, that this camera is infrared sensitive but is not an infrared-converted camera.
  • • Sensor: 18MP APS-C (1.6x Crop) CMOS Sensor
  • • File Format: JPEG, RAW, MPEG-4, MOV
  • • Video: 1080p HD
  • • ISO Range: 100-6400 (Extended Mode: 100-12800)
  • • AF Points: 9
  • • Ports: ⅛ Headphone, ⅛ Microphone, HDMI C, USB 2.0
  • • Flash: Hot Shoe, Built-In Flash
  • • FPS: Up to 5.3
  • • Lens Compatibility: EF, EF-S Mount
  • • Memory: 1 SD/SDHC/SDXC Slot (Card Not Included)
  • • 3" Articulated LCD
  • • WiFi Capable
  • • Weight: 23.8 oz
  • There is no manual for this product.