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If you already own a Canon body, and you are interested in venturing into architecture photography, then the Architecture Essentials Package (No Body) - for Canon is the perfect fit.

From the 5D Mark III, to the 1Dx, this combination will allow you to shoot any majestic building you come across. The TS-E 17mm f/4L Tilt-Shift is one of the best wide angle lenses that Canon has to offer, and the TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II Tilt-Shift is a great addition improving on an already well performing lens. The Manfrotto 3275/410 Geared Head with Quick Release is extremely compact, offering geared movement in three directions, pan, tilt, and side to side tilt, and the Induro CT113 Carbon Fiber Tripod will keep your set up stable for those long exposures.

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