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Bowens BW-4805USD Gemini 500R 2-Light Umbrella Kit

Bowens BW-4805USD Gemini 500R 2-Light Umbrella Kit
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Notes: By default, this kit ships in a case without its wheeled frame. If you need the wheeled frame for transport, please specify in your order notes. This kit does not come with a battery pack and requires up to 2 AC grounded outlets. Note, also, that these monolights are not fan-cooled. This kit comes with a PC-to-1/4th sync cable but no remotes. To wirelessly fire this kit, you will need to also rent a couple of Pocket Wizards--one for the hotshoe of your camera and another connected with a 1/4th-to-1/8th sync cable to one of the monolights of this kit.

Rental Includes:

  • 2 x Gemini 500R Monolights with standard (2 leg) UV coated flash tubes

  • 2 x 36” Silver and White Umbrellas

  • 2 x 6.0" Wide-Angle Umbrella Reflector, 120 Degrees

  • 2 x 10' Compact Light Stands

  • 13’ PC-to-1/4” Sync Cord

  • 2 x AC Power Cords (length varies--keep extension cord on-hand in case of emergency)

  • 2 x 250W Modeling Lamp (110-120v)

  • Kit Bag


  • Max Power: 500Ws per head

  • Guide Number: 85m/100 ISO

  • Flash Duration: 1/900th

  • Recycle Time at 100%: 1.3 seconds

  • Power Range: 5 Stops

  • Digital Display

  • Illuminated Test Button with Ready Light and Ready Beep

  • IR Remote Compatible (remote not included)

  • Color Temperature: 5600K

  • Operating Voltage: 190-250V AC 50Hz

  • Kit Weight: Approximately 40lbs


The Bowens Gemini 500R 2 Light Umbrella Kit includes everything you need for quick-to-setup portrait and event lighting. Each head has clearly-labeled buttons--no confusing digital menus to learn. Each head comes with two large dials, one for 5 full-stop power adjustments and another for 1/10th adjustments for very precise lighting changes from 500Ws to 15Ws. The modeling lamp can be easily switched on to full, proportional, or off completely. You may also dim the modeling lamp to taste. For triggering the lights from your camera, the monolights include a 1/4" jack socket for use with an included PC-to-1/4th sync cable. Please make sure that your camera has a PC-in port, otherwise you will need to rent a couple of Pocket Wizards to fire this kit wirelessly. The all-metal body of the monolights are durable and stand up well to travel. The included umbrellas, reflectors, and stands provide an added convenience for the on-the-go shooter who is used to working with studio gear while also being a fantastic starter kit for shooters who are new to strobe lighting.