AquaTech Sound Blimp for Nikon D700

AquaTech Sound Blimp for Nikon D700
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Very Important: This housing is for the camera body only. You will also need to rent a lens port as well.

Compatible with the following cameras:

Notes: Not to be used in water.  Requires the use of an AquaTech Lens Tube.  The Lens Tube system differs from that of AquaTech Sport Housings. 

  • • 2 stage auto-focus Shutter Release
  • • Back Dial (shutter speed / aperture)
  • • Playback
  • • Back Focus
  • • Polyurethane construction, EPDM rubber, stainless steel, acrylic
  • • Weight: 2lbs 1oz (1kg)
  • • Dimensions: 6.9" x 8.4" x 4.9" (W x H x D)

The AquaTech Sound Blimp for Nikon D700 is designed to minimize the noise emitted from a camera.  Recent independent anechoic chamber lab tests revealed a 98% reduction in camera noise. Common applications include concerts, theaters, movie sets, courtrooms, sporting events, or any other area where noise is disruptive or prohibited. 

The camera is positioned by noise dampening foam that surrounds the interior of the Sound Blimp.  A quick release clip seals the backplate and o-ring, keeping noise from escaping.  Various controls enable the photographer to maintain a high level of control over their composition.  A Lens Tube, based on the lens being used, connects to front threads and seals the entire Blimp, enabling zoom control where applicable. 

The AquaTech Sound Blimp is quieter, lighter, more comfortable, and has more controls compared to other Blimps on the market. 

For more details, see the manufacturer's site.