128GB 1000x UDMA CompactFlash Memory

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Notes: The above image is for illustrative purposes; the card you receive may be of a different (but not generic) brand but will be identical in specs to the card shown.


  • • 128GB Storage Capacity
  • • 1000x Speed Rating
  • • Minimun Reading: 150 MB/s
  • • UDMA 7 Compliant

This is a 128GB compact flash card that is rated at 1000x and is also UDMA certified. What does that all mean? That it's one of the fastest and largest capacity CF cards available, currently. Only prosumer and pro camera bodies support the faster write speeds of UDMA, so be sure to consult your manual before renting to make sure your camera is compatible with this CF card.

This card is able to keep up with DSLR's recording full 1080p video with little to no lag. In other words, if you're filming on CF, this is the card you need.