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BL Packages

Photography & Video Packages: Save Time and Money

  • A convenient way to rent a group of items with 1 click, whether it be a collection of prime lenses or
    the parts needed for a studio lighting setup. Explore all of our Photography and Video Packages.


Ease Of Use

  • Renting individual items can be time-consuming,
    costly, and, sometimes, even confusing.

    Our packages are set up to be cheaper than renting
    those same items separately in 1 order and are also
    carefully designed so that the items are compatible
    with each other.

    This is especially important when ordering a complicated
    video rig or strobes and flashes with various modifiers.




Great Gear to Choose From

  • Our packages are also a perfect way for beginner to become
    familiar with larger sets of items that are tailored
    for a particular kind of photography.

    We have packages for Pet Photography, Wedding Photography,
    Street Photography
    and more.

    This takes the extra work out of figuring out what you need and
    allows you more hands-on time with new gear you want to explore!