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Shooting On the Go With the Olympus OM-D

Gear Talk

Not too long ago, I switched to the Nikon D800E with a series of prime lenses for all of my primary photography. I love the Nikon, and it’s proved to be a fantastic system, capably handling just about everything I’ve thrown at it.

The downside is that it is, truly, a system. A big, heavy system. I quickly found myself looking for a smaller, carry-around camera for some of my more photojournalistic endeavors, and immediately turned to the family of mirrorless cameras out there for an answer.

Of these, there is no shortage. You have the awesome Sony NEX-6, which I’ve raved about in the past. There’s also the Sony RX-1, the Panasonic GF3C, the Fuji X-Pro1, and the subject of this article, the Olympus OM-D E-M5.

Olympus OM-D

Olympus OM-D

I’ve had the Olympus OM-D E-M5 for the past few weeks now, and have been using it as my primary “take everywhere” camera. It’s small size, lens selection, and great image quality combine to provide a system that’s flat-out my favorite in this category. In this article, I’ll present my experience shooting with this little thing, rather than a full-on technical review.


Cool Stuff – Week of November 4, 2012

Cool Stuff

Welcome to Cool Stuff, a weekly feature where we post our favorite links from the past week, including our favorite articles and how-tos, videos, images and more.

  • We begin in outer space, where Curiosity, the Mars rover, has sent back a self-portrait. Cindy Shepard, eat your heart out! Viva Mars!
  • Here on earth, the next James Bond movie is about to be released. Here’s a great behind-the-scenes (BTS) look at the locations and setup used in the film. Video geeks, this one’s for you.
  • Photographer Kenneth Jarecke posts a searing critique of Instagram and its use by Time magazine to document the effects of Hurrican Sandy. Definitely worth a read.
  • Photographer Steve McCurry is one of the most renowned photojournalists of our time. Here’s a great look at his work in the area of documentary portraiture.
  • This next one’s a bit artsy, but it’s absolutely worth a look if you’re interested in the “why” of photographs you see, not just the “how”. Flakphoto presents “Looking at the Land: 21st Century American Views,” a collection of lansdscapes and the stories behind them.
  • And finally, we bring you a collection of amazing videos from the folks over at PhotoShelter. Taken as part of their Luminance convention, these feature folks like David Burnett, Zack Arias, and more. Four videos have been released thus far; we can’t wait for all of them to be online. Our favorite so far? Retoucher Amy Dresser’s scathingly irreverent presentation, embedded here for your viewing pleasure.

And now for the Rundown

That’s it for this week’s Cool Stuff. As always, questions and feedback are welcome in the comments below.

Cool Stuff – Week of June 16, 2012

Cool Stuff

Welcome to Cool Stuff, a weekly feature where we post our favorite links from the past week, including our favorite articles and how-tos, videos, images and more.

Photo Finds – Week of April 16, 2012

Steve Simon in Africa

Steve Simon in Africa

Welcome to Photo Finds, a feature where we point you to some of the best photography around the web.

On this week’s Photo Finds, we take a look at the work of editorial and commercial photographer Steve Simon.

This Montreal-born and New York-based photographer is no stranger to those of you who follow the This Week in Photo podcast. Steve is a regular guest there, in addition to being a prolific writer and instructor. He’s the author of “The Passionate Photographer: Ten Steps Towards Become Great,” a book that has gotten rave reviews and has helped many photographers bridge the gap between the photos that they think they got, and what they actually captured.

Steve’s curriculum vitae makes for some impressive reading. From covering Winter Olympics, to Presidential elections, to shooting at the very edge of the American-Canadian border, Steve Simon’s photography encompasses an impressive and powerful spectrum. It ranges from soaring images taken at the height of political drama, to gritty, even uncomfortable images from the fringes of society. (more…)

Tip of the Week: Our Top 5 Sites for Photographic Inspiration

Tips & Tricks

Every week, we post a photography-related tip on our blog. This week’s tip is about inspiration. Since one of the keys to becoming a better photographer is to look at the work of other photographers, here’s a few sites we go to for our inspiration.

Weekly Recap – November 7, 2011

Gear Talk

Welcome to the Weekly Recap. Today’s post recaps new and newsworthy items related to photography from around the web for the week ending on November 6, 2011.

  1. In case you missed it, Canon made its Hollywood debut last week. Lots of hoopla and a $20,000 camera in EF (standard Canon lens mount) and PL-mount version. Martin Scorcese and Vince LaForet both made appearances.
  2. Not to be outdone, outspoken and brash CEO Jim Jannard of RED trumped their introduction with his own – a $10,000 RED Scarlet-X that shoots 4K resolution at up to 30p.
  3. Of course, Canon added a very Jobsian “One more thing” nugget at the end of its presentation, announcing an HDDSLR that would capture 4K footage at 24fps in MotionJPEG.
  4. Lawsuits against photographers filed by angry clients isn’t exactly old news, but this one takes the cake. Actually, this guy wants his photographer to pay for his cake. And the rest of his wedding, apparently, so he can restage the whole thing SIX years later. After he’s been separated from his wife. It was enough for Anderson Cooper to add him to the Ridiculist.
  5. What is it these days with the law and photographers? First there’s the guy above, suing for $48,000. Then, an Oakland cop fires a rubber bullet at a photographer. And somewhere along the way, a Milwaukee photojournalist was arrested while covering an Occupy Milwaukee protest. Photography is not a crime, people!
  6. At least the folks in New Hampshire have it right. A judge there dropped wiretapping charges against a man for recording a police officer during a traffic stop.
  7. Going back to new gear releases, Panasonic unveiled the GX1, it’s newest Micro 4/3 camera. The category continues to grow…
  8. Our friends at DPS have a list of their top 10 photographic accessories, as presented by their readers.
  9. The folks at DIYPhotography have a rundown of the latest, greatest, most cutting edge camera flash technology – from 150 years ago.
  10. And finally, because everyone who shoots Canon knows that white lenses are better than black, one photographer painted his sub-$100 50mm f/1.8 lens white, with a red ring. Presenting: the 50mm f/1.8L (not really ‘L) lens.

Weekly Recap – October 10, 2011

BL News

Welcome to the Weekly Recap. Today’s post recaps new and newsworthy items related to photography from around the web for the week ending on October 9.

  1., in tribute to Steve Jobs, in tribute to Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs, 1955-2011: The greatest visionary of our time passed away last week. You’ve already read this all over the web, seen it on TV, but no news recap would be complete without mention of the passing of this icon.

  2. Staged Photojournalism: How much of the photojournalism you look at is staged? Photographer Ruben Salvadori takes a hard, critical look at that question in this provocative and very disturbing video.
  3. California photographers, pay up – quick! Didn’t pay your model as soon as the shoot was done? Tsk tsk. You might just get sued, thanks to an obscure labor law in California.
  4. Wanted  – a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant (really, anyone). For free. Photographers are used to being asked to do their jobs without pay. One Craigslister takes umbrage.
  5. Adobe announces stuff. Everyone’s happy. Everyone’s mad. Just another Monday? Adobe announced a slew of new products at the MAX 2011 conference. Some things made people happy (Adobe Photoshop for tablets! Yay!).  Other things made people mad (Adobe Photoshop for tablets! Boo!). Adobe’s own Terry White has a nice roundup here:
  6. Google+ for photographers: A really good set of videos, courtesy of Scott Kelby. Definitely worth a view.
  7. Yes, but will it focus? The guys at Fuji are planning a competitor to the Micro 4/3 format. Because we don’t have enough competing small-factor interchangeable lens formats.!/fujiguys/status/121950934426337280
  8. It’s real! No it’s not! One of the best demos we’ve ever seen of inserting 3D items into an image. Bad Photoshop jobs might be a thing of the past. PR departments at BP and in Iran rejoice.
  9. Is that a microscope in your pocket? More cool stuff from the “must have now even though I have no earthly use for it” department. The geeks at UC Davis have turned the iPhone’s camera into a microscope. No, you don’t need to upgrade to the 4S – unless you want Siri to tell you what horrible disease she sees in the magnified images.
  10. Cancer is cruel and unforgiving, and now it looks to take Photojojo founder Amit Gupta too. Minorities are underrepresented in bone marrow donation banks. Please help.