SnapKnot’s Favorite Beach Wedding & Engagement Photos

SnapKnot’s Favorite Beach Wedding & Engagement Photos

Photographers are always seeking ways to land that one awesome wedding shot. The unique setting, timing, and location of each photo opportunity is what makes the final product so special. In order to share some brilliant inspiration, we had our friends at SnapKnot send five of their favorite beach wedding and engagement photos from their expert photographers. Better yet, they shared the secrets behind their incredible shots. read more…

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Shot with a #canon #7d + #10to22mm
  • Sometimes you gotta just stop and enjoy the view. #shotwithbl #sony #a7rii + #canon #16to35mm by adventure ambassador @andyto
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  • Taking advantage of early morning magic hour lighting with the @Panasonic #gh4 
#shotwithbl by @ownthelight

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