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Easy Holiday Photo Booth

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Holiday events have a way of filling a room. Being tasked with running a party photo booth for friends and family can be daunting, especially if your budget isn’t big and your space isn’t, either. We put together a simple, fun photo booth using portable items that you can rent from

Is the Canon 6D Under-Exposing? UPDATE: No, It’s Not.

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Final Update and Winners of the Gift Certificate, Friday, December 7, 2012 11:35 AM

Okay, we found the cause of the D600 bodies’ overexposure. Turns out, it WAS damage, not a defect. In the damaged bodies, the little prong that actually pushes the aperture closed was bent, as you can see in the image below. The top one is of one of the damaged D600′s, while the bottom is of an undamaged D7000.

No idea what caused this, but there you have it.

Winners of the $50 Gift Certificate: K.G. Wuensch, who left the suggestion that led to our discovery of the cause of the overexposure on the D600 bodies is, unfortunately, not based in the U.S., and so is unable to use the certificate I promised him. He has, instead, requested that his prize be entered into the pool for the general drawing. So we now have two gift certificates to give out.

I entered all the commenters’ names into a list randomizer at and the two names at the top are our two winners.

The winners of the gift certificate drawing.

The winners of the gift certificate drawing.

Congratulations to David Johnson and Michael Clark! Please email your contact info to sohail.mamdani at borrowlenses dot com, so I can send them to you.

Once again, thanks to everyone for your fantastic support and feedback. 


Cool Stuff – Week of December 1, 2012

Cool Stuff

Welcome to Cool Stuff, a weekly feature where we post our favorite links from the past week, including our favorite articles and how-tos, videos, images and more.

  • Heads up, video shooters (more specifically, Nikon video shooters on the D800/E). The guys over at Pixiq have a nice little tutorial on how to set up your D800/E to output clean video via HDMI to an external recorder.
  • We love our time-lapse stuff, and this one, showing the fall colors in Central Park, NYC, has a lot of eye candy for us. Thanks to Jamie Scott for an awesome job.
  • Canon’s EOS-M is a bit late to the mirrorless party, and apparently, it has some issues. Issues that the guys over at The Camera Store are only too happy to poke fun at.
  • Cheetah! Running! 1200fps! Watch!
  • And finally, here’s something more to make your jaw drop. These slo-mo videos were made from still photographs. Yep, you heard me. Still photographs.

 And now, for the Roundup!

That’s it for this week’s Cool Stuff. As always, questions and feedback are welcome in the comments below.

Building on the Sony NEX System

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Sony’s NEX cameras have been taking the mirror less camera market by storm of late, coming out with models that repeatedly and substantially improve on their predecessors. And, as these models have evolved, the number – and quality – of add-ons for them have increased as well.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few ways of building on the NEX series of cameras – which now include some fantastic video-specific offerings from Sony as well.


New and Sony Partnership: Announcing “Rent, Shoot, Return” Program

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Rent a Sony Alpha or NEX camera/lens from us first and save money off the purchase price! We’ve partnered with Sony Style stores across the nation to provide our customers with a discount when they buy!

Understanding Softboxes

Gear Talk

Off-camera strobes and other forms of lighting have become remarkably approachable over the past few years. The knowledge and information that were once the sole province of pros working with tens of thousands of dollars of equipment in studios or on location is now all over the internet for the taking.

We carry a fair amount of lighting gear, and given that we cater to the novice as well as the pros, we also answer a number of questions about one particular piece of lighting gear: the softbox. Over the phone, via email, and through our social networking outlets, we respond to queries ranging from the number of stops a box’s diffusion fabric will eat, to “What’s a speedring?”

This article is designed to help you understand the various pieces of a softbox and how it is used with a studio light like the Einstein E640 or the Profoto D4 heads we rent.


The Holiday Gift Guide

Gear Talk

Welcome to the first ever Holiday Gift Guide. Here, we’ll be listing some of our favorite cameras, lenses, and accessories that you should consider for the photo geek you’re shopping for. We’ll break this list down by category, so you can easily find something for the shutterbug in your life, no matter what their experience level is.

Let’s start with that all-important question – what camera should I rent?


We broke this section down by category, from pro-level to the new mirrorless cameras.

Nikon D800Cameras (pro-level)

  • Nikon D800 or D800E
    • It’s received some of the highest ratings ever given to any camera by testing company DxO, and has been universally lauded as having some of the best dynamic range capabilities ever packed into a DSLR, and is competitively priced, too.
  • Others to consider: