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BL’s Orderly (and Massive) GoPro Order

Gear Talk

Someone’s going to have a lot of fun this weekend. We can’t say for sure what all of these will be used for on this order but it’s pretty safe to say it is bullet-time related. Enjoy the pictures, GoPro fans!


Alex Enman had the task of checking and charging all of the GoPros.


SnapKnot’s Favorite Beach Wedding & Engagement Photos

Gear Talk

Photographers are always seeking ways to land that one awesome wedding shot. The unique setting, timing, and location of each photo opportunity is what makes the final product so special. In order to share some brilliant inspiration, we had our friends at SnapKnot send five of their favorite beach wedding and engagement photos from their expert photographers. Better yet, they shared the secrets behind their incredible shots. (more…)

Hidden Gems – The Canon 400mm f/5.6L

Gear Talk

Here’s something that’s going to make Canon shooters looking to get started in wildlife or sports photography pretty darn happy. For years, Canon has made this often-overlooked piece of glass that, as the headline for this blog entry suggests, is a true hidden gem.

Presenting: The Canon 400mm f/5.6L USM lens.


Fuji Meets Leica: One of the Best Street Cameras Gets Even Better

Gear Talk

To hear some photographers tell it, Fuji is the new Leica. The company, which saw rave reviews for its X100, has been on something of a tear of late. What began with an interesting concept morphed into a camera with a cult following, and was followed up by an entire system that has turned much of the photo world on its head.

The X100s, for example, is a body we can’t seem to keep in stock (though it is right now – go get it before it sells out again!), and the interchangeable lens-capable X-Pro1 is one of the finest low-light performers we’ve ever seen in a body that size. That X-Pro1 has now gotten a breath of fresh air. Fuji seems to be the sort of company that really listens to its users, and with the latest firmware update, has made a lot of those users very, very, happy indeed.


Small Cameras with Big Impact: Traveling Light without Compromising Quality

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Don’t get us wrong – we LOVE our big cameras, especially those pro bodies with huge, high-quality glass. Lugging it around, however, is not so ideal – especially while on vacation or during situations where there just isn’t a lot of room to shoot.

High-quality sensors are coming in smaller and smaller form factors, which is good news for globe-trekking photographers or for those who simply need to pack lightly. These small cameras are perfect for:

  • Hiking to get that great sunrise/sunset shot from a high vantage.
  • Inconspicuously taking candids out on the street.
  • Using auto or fully-manual settings on a simplified system.

Here are 5 recommended small cameras with incredible image quality: (more…)

Rolling Stone Contributing Photographer Drew Gurian on the Leica M9

Gear Talk

Drew Gurian is a music and portrait photographer based in New York City. For the past five years he has been the first assistant to long-time photojournalist and National Geographic photographer Joe McNally. Last month, Gurian shot the Wakarusa Music Festival, which included running a backstage portrait studio. He used a Leica M9 from BorrowLenses to shoot the event. Read about why Gurian chooses Leica for this work. (more…)

Tips for Setting Up Your Kino Flo BarFly

Gear Talk Tips & Tricks


Our Kino Flo BarFly 200D 2-light kits and BarFly 400D 1-light kits are professional, energy-efficient lighting systems ideal for filmmakers and photographers alike. They produce 3200K and 5500K (daylight) temperature lighting from florescent, dimmable 55W lamps inside Kino’s signature modular fixtures. Each bank can be switched on and off for full stop exposure changes. The kits also come with:

  • Gel Frames (2 for the 2-light kit, 1 for the 1-light kit). Note that these kits do NOT come with gels. You will have to apply the gel yourself to the provided gel frame using a non-destructive adhesive (also not included).
  • 90 Degree Grids (2 for the 2-light kit, 1 for the 1-light kit)
  • True Match Quad Fluorescent Lamps with padded mini case.
  • 55QK32 55W KF32 Quad Lamps with padded mini case.
  • Light stands (2 for the 2-light kit, 1 for the 1-light kit).
  • AC Power.
  • Heavy Duty Kino-branded  Case.

These kits are a fantastic option for those seeking all-in-one kits that produce very natural-looking light that is intuitive to shape because what you see is, generally, what you get. However, they are less intuitive to set up. Please take note of the following tips to prevent bulb breakage and other kit issues. (more…)