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Winners of’s 2014 Camera Giveaway

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The Big Day: Prize Time

We’ve been torturing you for 2 months with teaser posts goading you to “like” and “share” our big camera giveaway of 2014 and 50 of you have been rewarded with one of the many runner up prizes we’ve generously received from our partners. Additionally, 5 of you have won gift certificates and 1 enviable soul has won their choice of a brand new Sony a7R (body only), a Nikon Df (body only), or a Canon 6D (with a Canon 24-105mm f/4.0L IS USM AF Lens). (more…)

Need an Extra Hand? Trials Begin at BorrowLenses for Photography Assistant Rental

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Logistically messy and perhaps ethically unorthodox, we labored over the decision to start offering actual, human photography assistants for rent. The demand was too high to ignore and so we’re launching a trial run. Finally, picking up an extra hand is now as easy as getting a spare body. (more…)

What It’s Like to Win a Canon 5D Mark III

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On the eve of our big camera giveaway winner announcement we reached out to last year’s winner to see how her year has faired since winning a brand new Canon 5D Mark III from Rachel Coward is a photographer and editor at TulsaKids Magazine, an award-winning parenting publication in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Previously she was a staff photographer and editor at the Columbia Missourian and a photographer for the University of Missouri’s alumni magazine.


Top of the Rock. ©Rachel Coward

BL: Last year, you had your choice of a Nikon D800 or the Canon 5D Mark III. The prior year’s winner chose the Nikon. What made you choose the Canon? (more…)

The Big Picture Natural World Photography Competition

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Win $5,000 along with $20,000 in photography gear all while having your image exhibited at one of the most prestigious science museums in the world, the California Academy of Sciences! BorrowLenses picked up the baton dropped by Calumet as the prize sponsor after their unfortunate closure. Fortunately, the competition is still going forward with our help and you can enter now through March 31st. (more…)

Get a Free Pass to NAB and Visit BorrowLenses for $250 off Your Rental

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How to Get $250 off Your Next Video Rental Order:

Get a free expo pass to attend NAB April 7-10th and stop by our booth #12341 for our NAB Show Special: $250 off video rental orders of $500 or more. Stop by, meet the crew, and get your coupon. We look forward to seeing you at NAB!

Use the code below when registering for free entry into the exhibits portion of the show:



Finding Stolen Gear Through Images: Lenstag Rescue

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Lenstag, the free service that collects serial numbers from your lenses and cameras and keeps them in a registry to be flagged in the unfortunate event that they get stolen, aims to officially match all gear serials as belonging to its owner and, thus, the reselling and pawning of stolen gear becomes increasingly discouraged. The more people who register the gear, the more effective the registry system is and now the search for hot items has grown with a new Chrome extension called Lenstag Rescue. (more…)

Win a brand new Nikon Df, Canon 6D, and Sony a7R

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UPDATE: This giveaway is now OVER. Winners will be announced here on the blog sometime tomorrow, April 3rd, 2014. Exact time unknown but we’re hustling for the AM. Stay tuned and good luck, everyone! is giving away a grand prize of the winner’s choice between a brand new Sony a7R (body only), a Nikon Df (body only), or a Canon 6D (with a Canon 24-105mm f/4.0L IS USM AF Lens) plus bonus prizes. (more…)