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Your Gear Guide for Better Wedding Photography

Tips & Tricks

Find your perfect match in time for your next (or first) big wedding shoot. Many of you are probably worried about not bringing the right equipment with you. We have thousands of items for you to rent but only certain items are ideal for weddings. This list will help you narrow it down to just the essentials to fit your shooting style. Take note of these 10 tips that will help you complete your skills.

Take Control of Lightroom’s Import Dialog

Tips & Tricks

Seán Duggan is a fine art photographer, author, educator, and an Adobe Certified Creative Suite Expert with extensive experience in both the traditional and digital darkroom. His latest article guides novice Lightroom users and anyone having trouble or confusion with the import process. Continue on if you have ever experienced images not ending up where they are intended or in redundant, misplaced nested folders after importing.  


Industry Info: Our Favorite Infographics from 2014

Gear Talk

As resolutions begin to wane, now is a good time to look back at 2014 and glean some instructive trends in photography and videography from the past year. Here are some of our favorite infographics, charts, and general industry knowledge from 2014: (more…)

Small Business Start Up & Tax Tips for Photographers and Videographers

Tips & Tricks

Get a jump start on the impending tax season! If you are considering taking your photography/videography to the next level and becoming a business, you will need to know a few things about taxes. Below is a brief list of things to consider, followed by some links to more in-depth guides. (more…)

1 Easy Way to Guarantee Your Photography Will Improve

Photographers Tips & Tricks

How do you make every day count as a photographer? How do you make every day count for yourself? There is 1 major project that thousands of people start every January 1st that improves their lives and it has nothing to do with going to the gym. (more…)

Personal Bests of 2014 – Get Inspired and Share Yours


We celebrate progress on all levels – whether you’re a pro trying to stretch your personal limits or a novice who just learned how to shoot manually. We get better every year that we stick to our photographic and cinematic goals. Here are the personal favorites of 2014 from a variety of our employees, friends, and partners from all backgrounds, styles, and skill levels. Check out the images and videos below, see what they shot with, and get inspired. Do you have a 2014 shot that’s a real contender? Enter it into our year-end photo contest for a chance to win up to $500 in gear rentals!


Keeping Your Photos Safe in the Real World

Tips & Tricks

Our friends over at SmugMug help photographers from all walks of life put their best memories into beautiful and safe photography websites. In this blog series on photography website tips and tricks, SmugMug shares some of things they have learned about photographers can better protect their work. Missed this series? Check out Part 1: SmugMug’s 9 Must-Haves for a Successful Photography Website and Part 2: 6 Website Mistakes You’re Probably Making Right Now. (more…)

All New Underwater Housing Fleet for Rent – Plus New Sound Blimps

BL News Gear Talk has received a whole new fleet of underwater housing units and brand new sound blimps from AquaTech! Underwater housing units allow you to shoot photos and video up to 33′ under water while the sound blimps reduce shutter sounds by up to 90%. So whether you’re doing ethereal, watery fashion shoots, capturing athletes in strong surf, or being as inconspicuous as possible at a special event, we’ll have you (and your gear) covered with AquaTech. (more…)

Simple Tricks for a Treat of a Halloween Photobooth

Tips & Tricks

Every year, SmugMug cofounder Chris MacAskill hosts a Halloween photobooth in his garage. Read on to find out how he does it and gain tips on building your own bewitching booth! (more…)

BorrowLenses Lens and Filter Size Guide

Tips & Tricks

Filters are optional accessories that can either be screwed onto, dropped in front of, or dropped into lenses. They are usually made of glass with a metal or plastic frame. We put UV filters on almost all of our lenses going out on rental because even cheap filters help protect the front element during transport. Not keeping them on, or at least putting them back on when shipping back, can cost you! (more…)

Lightroom Keywording Tips

Tips & Tricks

Seán Duggan is a fine art photographer, author, educator, and an Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert with extensive experience in both the traditional and digital darkroom. His Lightroom Viewfinder series provides photographers with the tools they need to effectively use Lightroom for organization, editing, and printing. (more…)

Senior Portrait Rules and Resources New Photographers Must Know

Tips & Tricks

Senior portraits have been an American tradition for over a hundred years and were traditionally shot by a school-invited studio where everyone was posed the same way. Today almost anything goes for a senior portrait and that can be lucrative for freelance photographers.

If you’re new to senior portrait photography, here are some things to know: (more…)

Create Better Photo Books with 7 Vacation Shooting Tips

Tips & Tricks

How many times have you been overwhelmed by the number of pictures you took while traveling? Most of the time we take pictures without planning ahead for how we’re going to use them. Countless memorable vacations are taken and photography keepsake books are never made. Here are some things to keep in mind while shooting on the road. These tricks will help you narrow down your best images so that you can create a compelling and cherished photo book. (more…)

Why the Sony RX100 III Point & Shoot is a Vacation Must-Have

Gear Talk

Do you agonize over sacrificing quality in favor of comfort when packing camera gear for vacation? I tossed my hefty Nikon D800 aside and rented the Sony RX100 III from for vacation. I wasn’t going to shoot much so if the camera sucked then no harm, no foul.

The camera definitely didn’t suck. Sony’s third iteration of an already well-regarded model opened my eyes to just how far point and shoots have come. (more…)

The Importance of Being Archived

Tips & Tricks

Our friends at SmugMug really care about photography and the importance of taking pictures in everyday life. This is part 2 of a 3 part series on improving your online life as a photographer, whether that is by improving your website or backing up your files. Here are some tips on how to avoid a personal, digital meltdown and keep your memories safe against fire, flood, hard drive crashes, and other unexpected blips in the matrix.

SmugMug’s 9 Must-Haves for a Successful Photography Website
reprinted with permission 

We see so many websites each and every day and love hearing about how people are using their online websites and how having an online presence affects so much of what they do. Not long ago we shared 6 top mistakes people make when they put together a website but this time we’re addressing a topic that most people probably don’t want to even consider: backing up your photo and video files. A hard demon to face but we’ll show you why it pays to prepare for a potential doomsday disaster. (more…)