Behind the Shot: The Day I Discovered My Calling

Behind the Shot: The Day I Discovered My Calling

Behind The Shot is a recurring feature where we dig deeper and find the backstories that accompany amazing photos. Do you have an awesome photo or know of one that we might want to feature? Send us an email!

Photographer/Filmer/Editor: Greg Rothstein

Gear: Nikon D7000, Tamron 70-200 f/2.8

Settings: ISO 400, 1/100 second, F4.0, manual mode, auto white balance, RAW image format.

Backstory: I’m a rookie to the photography game. I’m not a kid who has been using a camera since high school or a kid who even took a class on photography until college. Photography fell into my life by fate and I liked it. There was something cool about stopping time for a moment when everything in the frame is perfect. Going into my senior year at DePaul University, I was not particularly passionate about a specific type of photography. Still life did not resonate with me, landscapes were only interesting when on vacation, and my portraits were feeling repetitive. Then I saw a friend of mine uploading photos from concerts. I was stunned that someone younger than me was able to get such opportunities in what I thought was such a sacred and elite arena. After speaking with her, she pointed me in the right direction to help me work with an online publication who got me my first credential. This credential was not just ANY to me – it was to take photos of my one of my all time favorite bands, Stone Sour, led by charismatic lead singer, Corey Taylor. After the two opening bands had played at House of Blues Chicago, I waited in the photo pit anxiously as it came time for Stone Sour to play. After three songs I was done. If you ask me what happened in that pit, I could honestly not really tell you. My mind was in another dimension, lost in this world of concert photography. It was in this moment that I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Never before had something felt so right, it had been years since I wore this childish smile from ear to ear that was slapped on my face after my time in the pit. Everyone from friends to family can attest that all I talk about is concert photography. It is something that has taken over my life since January of this year and I would like to think that I am just getting started.

Check out more of Greg’s work on his website and Instagram.

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Katie Hayes is a recent graduate pursuing her passion for photography and marketing while interning with BorrowLenses.

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