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Behind the Shot: Supermoon at Juscelino Kubitschek Memorial

Behind The Shot

Behind the Shot is a recurring feature where we dig deeper and find the backstories that accompany amazing photos. Do you have an awesome photo or know of one that we might want to feature? Send us an email! Find out the backstory of how Leandro Discaciate captured the Supermoon in Brasília, the capital city of Brazil.

Super Moon!

Photographer/Filmer/Editor: Leandro Discaciate

Gear: Nikon D600, Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR , Slik Pro 700DX Tripod

Settings: ISO 800, f/5.6, Shutter Speed 1/80s

Backstory: I have been obsessed with capturing this photo ever since I saw a gorgeous image of the Rio de Janeiro Christ statue with it’s arms wide open hugging the full moon. I knew I had to try something similar here in my hometown of Brasilia, Brazil. I decided to use the Juscelino Kubitschek  statue as a backdrop. I have made a few attempts at getting this photo right. The first ones suffered from bad alignment and the fact that I either ended up with an extremely noisy image or with the highlights at the moon blown-out.

When I heard about the super moon I knew it was my best bet at perfecting this image. For the best alignment I used a moon map provided by PhotoPills iPhone app. I also used the Augmented Reality function to try to find the perfect spot for this capture. In order to make the statue as big as possible I plotted a line where I would get the correct alignment and then got as far away as I could. Since I wanted the perfect exposure both on the statue and on the moon, I decided to do two consecutive exposures and than blend them together.

I was worried about a powerful street lamp causing intense flare on the image, but my test shots revealed that the flare was actually creating a nice effect on the image. Overall, the planned place was spot on and I only had to slightly adjust. I was lucky because the clouds at the back of the statue were reflecting the lights. Once I took the captures, I knew I finally got the shot I had been waiting for!

The reception of that photo has been unbelievable especially among Brasilia residents. I’m proud of the hard work and amount of time that I put in to make it happen.

Check out more of Leandro Discaciate’s work his Website, Facebook, and Flickr.

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