Behind the Shot: Mermaid Swimming with Tuna

Behind the Shot: Mermaid Swimming with Tuna

Behind The Shot is a recurring feature where we dig deeper and find the backstories that accompany amazing photos. Do you have an awesome photo or know of one that we might want to feature? Send us an email! Find out the backstory of how marine photographer Kurt Arrigo captured this scene with the help of Japanese Olympic Synchronized Swimmer Saho Harada.

Photographer/Filmer/Editor: Kurt Arrigo

Gear: Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera, Nikon 24mm f/1.4, Subal Underwater Housing

Settings: ISO 200, Aperture F8, Shutter speed 1/80

Backstory:I have been working with Japanese Olympic Synchronized Swimmer Saho Harada on a quite a few underwater assignments. On this particular one we intended to capture something a little different with a greater impact. The plan for this particular shoot started as all other underwater shoots with Saho begin. She would swim down a couple of meters and do her thing for a couple of minutes and then swim to the surface for a breather. I would stay down underwater in my scuba gear waiting for the perfect shot. Unfortunately, the tuna were not cooperating and would not come to the surface. They only would stay at a depth of at least 15 meters. We ended up having to change the plan. It was decided that Saho would go deeper using some of my air and the other safety divers through a spare regulator. Saho would swim away and get this surreal feeling and then swim back for some air. We did it a few times and after approximately 20 minutes we slowly returned to the surface.  To be quite honest, I didn’t think at the time that we managed to capture one good shot all day! Later that evening I downloaded the images and there it was…(speechless)

Kurt Arrigo was kind enough to share this amazing photo with us and provide some insight into underwater photography. He was born on the Mediterranean island of Malta and immediately connected with the sea at very early age. He has been working as a marine photographer for over 20 years, capturing moments of how we interact with Mother Nature.

Check out more of Kurt’s work on his website and Facebook page.

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