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Win $5,000 along with $20,000 in photography gear all while having your image exhibited at one of the most prestigious science museums in the world, the California Academy of Sciences! BorrowLenses picked up the baton dropped by Calumet as the prize sponsor after their unfortunate closure. Fortunately, the competition is still going forward with our help and you can enter now through March 31st.

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This competition welcomes nature and wildlife photographers to submit their images that best capture wildlife, landscape, conservation, and the fragility and/or beauty of the natural world. There are three main age groups to enter in: 18+, 12-17, and 5-11 – so the entire family can enter! The categories of entry are as follows:

• Land Mammals
• Birds
• Insects, Reptiles, Marine Mammals, Fish, and Amphibians
• Waterscapes, Landscapes, and Plant Life
• Conversation Imagery

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Entrants retain ownership and all other rights to their submitted images. Entrants grant to the Academy a non-exclusive, irrevocable license to reproduce, publish, and display submitted images in all media throughout the world in relation to the competition. If there is a commercial opportunity for a submitted image then the Academy will reach out to entrants directly and individually. You may also donate your image to the academy.

Further details can be on the Big Picture Photo Competition site. Need some shooting inspiration? Check out our landscape board on Pinterest with images from BL customers as well as some of the great wildlife shots taken with super telephoto lenses. Also, check out our 10 Ways to Shoot Better Wildlife Photos.

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