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New BorrowLenses Shirts Now Available for Purchase/Making Your Friends Jealous

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Support BL in ways other than renting super telephoto lenses and pick up one of these custom-designed BL shirts! Wear it to all the places photographers gather and show them what’s up. It even functions as a not-so-effective layer when going skiing or as a rather overpriced bar mop.

Our shirts look particularly stunning when BBQ'ing.

Our shirts look particularly stunning when BBQ’ing.

These are patented, super-awesome, extra-spectacular, practically made-of-gold (ok, 100% preshrunk cotton) shirts. The proceeds from the shirt sales go to support your friendly maybe-not-so-local photography rental shop. The money will be spent on growing the ever-expanding inventory. Pick yours up here.

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Alexandria Huff is a portrait photographer based in San Francisco. Her tutorials can be found here on the BorrowLenses Blog, 500px, Shutterfly, Snapknot, and SmugMug. She specializes in studio lighting. Follow her work on 500px.

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