Cool Stuff – Week of March 17, 2013

Cool Stuff – Week of March 17, 2013

Welcome to Cool Stuff, a weekly feature where we post our favorite links from the past week, including our favorite articles and how-tos, videos, images and more.

  • There are a few photographers whose work we love so much, we’ll drop everything to watch them make toast. Or, as we see with a younger Annie Leibovitz here, to watch them talk about their work.
  • Ditto for Greg Heisler. There’s no question that we’d close up shop to watch this master talk about his work. As with Annie above, this one’s a flashback, both of them courtesy of our friends at PetaPixel.
  • Curious about who’s paying for photography these days? We are. Which is why we’re pleased as punch that someone’s talking about it (kinda) openly. Here’s “Who Pays Photographers.”
  • Look, don’t expect us to carry this in our inventory anytime soon, okay? Here’s a photographer using a Nikon 1200-1700mm lens to photograph the new pope. Why won’t we carry it? Because we like our shippers’ spinal columns too much.
  • Like them, love them, hate them, whatever. The guys at DxOMark aren’t afraid to be vocal about their choices, and they’ve started a new series of articles about the best lens choices for their top-ranking camera, the Nikon D800.

That’s it for this week’s Cool Stuff. We hope you got a chance to see us at WPPI if you were out there!¬†As always, questions and feedback are welcome in the comments below.

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