10 Awesome GoPro Videos Borrowlenses.com Loves on YouTube

10 Awesome GoPro Videos Borrowlenses.com Loves on YouTube
Me with my favorite BL toy.

Kris with his favorite BL toy.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am fan of the GoPro HERO cameras and accessories. They’ve really revolutionized how we see our world.

Beginning its life in the “extreme sports” world, GoPro users slowly and steadily expanded the versatility and uses of the tiny, wearable camera into fields (and angles) that could have not been possible only 10 years ago. Look closely enough and you’ll find that footage from HERO cameras have made it on television and even the silver screen!

Here are my “Top Ten” unique GoPro videos online. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments! What is YOUR favorite GoPro video?

1. Garden Train

If we didn’t tell you this was miniature, you probably wouldn’t know the difference (wait for the big perspective giveaway):

2. GoPro as a Hockey Puck

A unique perspective from ¾” off the ice!

3. Stolen by a Seagull

San Francisco has some beautiful views – but this seagull had other ideas for the camera. A memorable (and viral) vacation video!

4. Massive Climb Up Antenna Pole

Don’t think you have a fear of heights? THINK AGAIN!

5. Hawai’i Surfing with Alana and Monyca

These girls know how to shred the waves – big time!

6. Lost GoPro FOUND after 3 Months in the Ocean

You wanna talk TOUGH? How about surviving nearly two months AT SEA?

7. 1st GoPro in Near Space

Go up 80,000ft vicariously through 2 HD Heros. We’re definitely jealous (except for the part when they come plummeting back down again).

9. Car Wash

Yes, I’d like the Rain-X protection for my camera – oh and if the car gets clean, that’s cool, too! (Skip to the 5:00 mark for the good stuff)

10. Washing Machine

Anyone else getting a time travel vibe here?

And here is a bonus video by yours truly:

Roller Coaster POV by Kris Rowberry

Share YOUR favorite GoPro videos in the comments below!

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  1. gopro video i shot in mumbai, india!!

  2. Gorgeous Kaua’i, Hawaii filmed with 100% GoPro HD

  3. Here’s a video of my neighborhood from the sky

    • Oops posted my work out video I did with my wife. GoPro’s not very good at low light.

      Here is my neighborhood



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