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We have large and vocal communities on a variety of social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, and Pinterest. We love them all! Open and honest discussion, as well as jokes, are fully welcomed. However, sometimes when discussions get heated they also get personal. We want to keep our pages “PG” rated so as to reduce any chances of someone feeling alienated by the comments on our content. This means that every once in awhile we have to parent the responses to our posts. The following types of comments might get deleted/hidden/banned:

  • Personal attacks/slurs.
  • Excessive cursing.
  • Violent or sexually explicit content.
  • Needlessly negative comments.
  • Links to content that doesn’t have anything to do with the discussion.
  • BL order complains or questions that aren’t pertinent to the thread. Please direct comments/questions to [email protected].
  • Posting your order information. We will hide this content for your own protection.
  • Posting the same content or comments over and over again.
  • Negatively calling out a BL employee by name. If you have a concern or complaint, please email [email protected].

We do our best to keep these kinds of comments off our social sites but sometimes we miss them. You are always welcome to contact us directly if you see something suspicious.


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