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Photo Finds, July 16, 2012 – Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom

Welcome to Photo Finds, a feature where we point you to some of the best photography and videography around the web.

One of the most popular sliders that we rent here at is the Philip Bloom Slider by Kessler. I was speaking about this to a customer recently and she asked me, “Who’s Philip Bloom?”

The question took me by surprise a bit. Who’s Philip Bloom? Who’s Philip Bloom? Why, he’s… Philip Bloom! How could anyone not know who Philip Bloom is?

Then, reality intervened and I realized that not everyone knows every filmmaker and photographer whose work I follow religiously. I’m “in the industry,” as it as, so I know darn well who Philip Bloom is. I explained it to the hapless customer.

“Philip Bloom is this English guy. He makes movies.”

That grotesquely understated and inadequate introduction notwithstanding, Philip Bloom is one of those independent filmmakers that everyone who’s ever switched their DSLR to “video” mode should know about.

Philip has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and for the past five or so, he’s been an advocate for what he calls “the low budget film look.”

Through cameras like the Canon 5DmkII and more recently the Panasonic AF100 and Sony F3. Please visit my DSLR films section to see just how beautiful they look. I have used these DSLRs on all sorts of projects from music videos to commercials and documentaries. I recently was also the 5D Cinematographer on the new WWII movie from Lucasfilm, “RED TAILS” and shot the BAFTA/ RAINDANCE winning documentary “How to start a revolution”.

The thing to know about Philip is that he is one of those unique individuals who combines a deep, geeky love for gear with a massive dollop of creativity. I look forward to his gear reviews every time there’s a new bit of kit I know he’s gonna get his hands on. He often does these on his own time, like the one below that pit the D4 vs the D800 and the 5D Mark III

Full Frame Shootout: Nikon D800 / D4 / Canon 5DmkIII from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Flip through his blog, and you’ll also find gorgeous videos like this simple and elegant piece on Monument Valley.

From his shooting to his post-production to his thoughts on the industry, Philip is remarkably open about his work. His blog is on my must-read list and his pieces often make it into our “Cool Stuff” listing of all things awesome on the interwebs. The man is a font of information, brutal honesty, and humor.

If you’re a budding filmmaker, you should be following Philip’s blog at the bare minimum, as lately, it’s more than just his work and ideas and opinions that are making it on there. Philip also uses his site to showcase work from his friends, his collaborations with other filmmakers, and much, much more.

Philip’s site is at His blog can be found at You can also follow him on Twitter.

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  • Philip Blom says:

    WHat a lovely blog post. Thanks so much. Very flattered!


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