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At we have some incredible people behind the scenes that help make us the best online camera and lens rental service. This post is the third of a series to introduce you to members of the team who tap into their passion for photography, videography and the arts daily in an effort to provide you the best service possible. Today we’d like to introduce you to Monica, our Inventory Manager.

What’s your role here at
I am the Inventory Manager.

Are you also a photographer and if so what is your expertise?
I am not a “real” photographer like most of the other people here but I am the official photog for my family. I am very mechanically-minded so what I really enjoy about photography is understanding how the camera works and how aperture, shutter speed, film speed, etc, all affect each other and the resulting exposure. I also love teaching others how to go beyond auto mode on their own cameras.

Can you briefly describe what the inventory team does?
We are the guardians of the gear! But really, we count it, receive it, pull it for orders…basically, we’re here to make sure nothing gets lost!

How many photography/video platforms do we support? (camera brands, accessories, etc.)
If we’re talking just cameras, 9–Canon, Nikon, Red, Sony, Leica, Fujifilm, Pentax, Olympus, and Lumix. But we carry many, many more brands in accessories and other gear from Sennheiser Mics and White Lightnings all the way down to Lowepro bags and SanDisk memory cards.

What is your role in ensuring customers have the best selection of gear to choose from?
In addition to ensuring that the existing inventory is accurate and available to rent, I also work very closely with our buyer to stock up on hot items and considering new gear.

What is one thing would you like customers to know about Inventory that perhaps they might not know?
First, we have a lot of really fun stuff so explore the site! Second, please leave the barcode stickers attached…they are critical to my team and me! :-)

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