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At we have some incredible people behind the scenes that help make us the best online camera and lens rental service. This post is the fifth of a series to introduce you to members of the team who tap into their passion for photography, videography and the arts daily in an effort to provide you the best service possible. Today we’d like to introduce you to Austin, one of our Equipment Specialists.

Austin tests, cleans, and prepares our gear for customer orders. He helps to make sure that you get your order in prime condition for your next shoot.

What’s your role here at
My main role here is to thoroughly inspect returned gear and help with general customer service.

Are you also a photographer and if so what is your expertise?
Yes, I am a photographer. For the most part I shoot portraits and events. Currently, I am working on doing more editorial portraiture and commercial work.

Can you briefly describe what the receiving dept is and does?
The receiving department makes sure all gear is tested, analyzed for any damages, and cleaned to be ready for rental.

What steps are taken to ensure that our gear is in optimal condition before it reaches our customers?
We first do a visual cosmetic inspection of any damage. During the visual inspection I also listen for any loose parts and carefully check problematic areas of the gear being inspected. Once I find that it looks and feels to be in good condition I will test its functionality. This could mean taking a lens through all its functions; does the zoom and manual focus ring work, is the AF turning on and off, is the IS/VR working properly, and are the aperture rings stopping down. Then if everything checks out I clean the gear and its on its way to the next rental.

With so much business…How is it we ensure prompt and accurate service?
We have devised a system that stresses accuracy in inspection of the equipment while also providing quick turnaround on testing and cleaning. There are many steps involved but our workflow is easy to learn and execute.

Is there anything specific that you feel BL customers should know about receiving and/or the receiving team that perhaps they might not know?
The receiving team sees a lot of gear each day, and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. But when we see packages come back with notes and printed photos of what our customers shot, it makes us feel like we’re not just cleaning and testing gear. Although we might play a small part, it is an important part. If our customers are happy with the gear, then we are happy to make sure it works properly.

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