Product Update: D800 and D4 Lock-Up Fix

News has been circulating today about a newly identified bug with the Nikon D4 and D800 that may negatively impact photographers employing certain settings. To give you a deeper insight to the problem, a short term fix and a likely long term solution our resident technical expert and repair manager Michio Fukuda  has the following to report:
The Bug
Nikon’s newly released D4’s and D800’s have had an alarming number of complaints regarding an intermittent issue causing the bodies to lock up under normal user conditions. Nikon has officially addressed the issue, in a recent conversation with PDN (Photo District News) on 5.3.2012,  and DPReview has since confirmed this bug.  The problem encountered again and again is that the body will become completely unresponsive until the battery is removed and re-installed, but should return to good working order once this is done.
The Fix
Nikon stated that the issue is present for only a small users who have ‘Highlights’ and ‘RGB Histogram’ display options turned on.  They also communicated that they are in the process of developing the permanent fix and have instructed users on a temporary fix for the interim. The temporary “band-aid” fix is to turn off the ‘Highlights’ and ‘RGB Histogram’ display options in the ‘Playback Display Option’s sub-menu of  the ‘Playback’ menu.
Here is the step by step process to implement the temporary fix:
Step 1 – Press the menu button.
Step 2 – Scroll down to “Playback display options” and press the center button on the directional pad to access that menu.
Step 3 – Once inside the playback menu, scroll down to “highlights” and “RGB histogram”.
Step 4 – Deselect the “highlights” and “RGB histogram” options.
Step 5 – Scroll back up to “Done” and confirm the actions by pressing down on the center button of the directional pad.

While we all like our settings a certain way, at least they have narrowed down the catalyst to these two specific settings so that we may all go about our shoots without any hiccups. We speculate that the permanent fix will be a firmware update, since the determining factor (specific camera settings) is a software-based function. Like all Nikon D4 and D800 users we’re hoping that the permanent fix will be released in the coming weeks at which time all customers can rest easy knowing we’ll have the needed update in place ASAP.

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Jim Goldstein is the V.P. of Marketing at and a professional photographer based out of San Francisco. He specializes in outdoor and nature photography.
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  1. Very helpful. Thanks!

  2. I have never had Highlights or RGB Histogram turned on and the camera has locked up several times in the way described everywhere else. Power switch does nothing, must take out battery.

  3. The Nikon D90 has also been doing this same thing. When I spoke with Nikon Tech Support about it they refused to acknowledge that there was a problem. Even sending the camera in for a factory reset and firmware update did not solve the problem. Good luck with Nikon’s excuses and NON-fixes. Nikon reliability and quality have been going down the drain for some time now. Have fun repeatedly removing the battery right in the middle of a shoot. It’s the only think that will work.

  4. Good thing to know. I had both of these turned on.

    What about the unusable RAW file when downloaded onto computer using Nikon Transfer, do they have the fix yet? I know the new ViewNX update fixed this.


  5. Cool, I thought I was the only one with that issue 😉 Will try then, but during one week of intensive shooting (500 photos a day), in total, it locked-up only once every two days. I like my camera not to lock up randomly, but… I still prefer my settings :)

  6. Not sure why this is suddenly news–the D700 does this also.


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