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Tip of the Week: Edit Video in Adobe… Lightroom?

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You can now apply certain presets to video in Lightroom 4.

You can now apply certain presets to video in Lightroom 4.

It’s no big secret that video is now something even still photographers need to pay attention to. If you do photography for a living – or want to do photography for a living – then at some point, the specter of video is going to raise its head and you’ll have to deal with it, or risk falling behind your competition.

Since photographers are dabbling in video, it’s no surprise that a software application formerly dedicated to still photographers is itself now dabbling in video. The latest version of Adobe Lightroom, released this month, now offers DSLR video shooters the ability to do some video edits and effects without having to leave the program.

Among other things, you can do basic cuts and trims, apply color and exposure settings, and sync those settings between clips.

The folks over at Adobe – specifically, Adobe’s Senior Digital Imaging Evangelist, Julieanne Kost – have a great video showing you some of the things you can do to your video with Lightroom 4. Take a look – I think you’ll be surprised at how much you can do.

As an aside to our Aperture fans – yes, Aperture has had many of these features (and I’ve happily used them for a while) for some time now. It’s just nice to see Lightroom catching up.

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  • Ryan says:

    Interesting perspective and industry commenting about photographers dabbling in video to keep up. Call me old fashioned but I leave video work to videographers with equipment thats built for that and their knowledge and resources for shooting and processing it. I guess this was inevitable when all the DSLRs manufacturers started including video on all the cameras. Sure the cameras are capable but I would much prefer they focus on making them better still cameras and ditch the video functionality. Rather, it changes the clients perspective too. Those people that know just enough to be a pain in the butt and expect more. Ive had a couple clients ask me in the middle of a shoot to record video clips and when I said “Oh I wasnt aware you were looking for video, I dont do video work but I know a great guy that does” they just kinda looked at me funny. This scenario has happened more then once, very odd and frustrating.

  • Brian Miller says:

    I enjoyed seeing the video editing features in Adobe Lightroom 4. This was a surprise to find so many robust and intuitive tools in LR.

  • giant says:

    Us Videograpers use DSLR’s for the large sensor and the interchangeable lenses. Very good quality for some work.

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