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Monday Photo Finds, March 5, 2012


We’re kicking our usual Cool Stuff feature to the curb this week for a different feature. Today, we’re going to focus on the end result of all this awesome gear we rent – great photographs. From an ad campaign in Argentina by Sebastian Faena and the sun-bleached images of Antonella Arismendi, to the gritty underpass of a pedestrian walkway in Baltimore, we take a look at some standout imagery that caught our eye this past week.

The Ay Not Dead campaign by Sebastian Faena

The Ay Not Dead campaign by Sebastian Faena

Sebastian Faena for Ay Not Dead

A combination of video and still black and white imagery make up this slightly edgy urban campaign for Ay Not Dead, a boutique house with locations in Argentina and Chile.

Faena, who is represented by the Art + Commerce agency, seems to have gone for simple and elegant with the Ay Not Dead campaign. His portfolio on Art + Commerce, however, is a good deal more risque, in intent if not in actual execution.

David Hobby for Caleb Vaughn-Jones

David Hobby for Caleb Vaughn-Jones

David Hobby for Caleb Vaughn-Jones

Few photographers are as comfortable as David Hobby is when using everything from small flashes to Profoto gear, or from Nikon DSLRs to Phase One medium-format systems. The subjects of David’s photography are no less diverse – from massive wind tunnels to classical cellists, David has a tendency to bounce all over the place.

His recent sessions with cellist Caleb Vaughn-Jones, whom he met through his local county’s art council are typical of his work – elegant combinations of ambient, fill and key, and provide context for the viewer that put them several notches above your standard portrait-on-a-background. David also details how his shots are carried out, so there’s some great behind-the-scenes info in the article mentioned as well.

Antonella Arismendi, Portfolio

Antonella Arismendi's Portfolio

Antonella Arismendi's Portfolio

Most of us in the Bay Area are stuck in a weird limbo between winter and spring, but Antonella Arismendi’s portfolio (especially the Thousand Lakes series) are enough to warm us up and remind us of of the faded glory found in lazy summer afternoons.

Bright, high-key images make up a good portion of Arismendi’s portfolio, coupled with a bleached look that is at once nostalgic and serene, and very, very, beautiful. But lest you think that’s all she does, have a look at the Advertising section of her website. From stark black and white imagery for José Cuervo to high-fashion editorials for magazines in South America and Europe, Arismendi shows herself to be flexible and adaptive in her approach.

Scott Schuman, All the Pretty Photographers

All the Beautiful Photographers

All the Beautiful Photographers

Scott Schuman, the man behind the fashion website “The Sartorialist,” has been photographing fashion on the streets of New York, Paris, Florence, Rome, Milan, and other cities for years. is one of those websites that fashion insiders have known about for some time, but it’s one that photographers ought to be paying a lot of attention to.

Schuman’s images are simple, clean, almost minimalist in their approach. This is not a guy who walks around cities with a crew and a bunch of Profoto lights. He’s got his camera, and that’s it, but the results are high-impact and plenty of them are better than what I’ve seen among the pages of Vogue, Elle, etc.

This series caught my eye because it’s kind of meta – a photographer and fashion enthusiast, taking pictures of other (beautiful) photographers. It’s a great mix of fashion and photography, and it’s somewhat interesting to see beautiful women behind the lens too.

That’s it for today’s Photo Finds. Please let us know if you’ve got an interesting shoot, campaign, series, or photographers that you think we should feature.

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