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Should carry medium-format photo gear for rent?

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Should we carry medium-format gear like this Phase One?

Should we carry medium-format gear like this Phase One?

We get asked about medium-format photo gear like Phase and Hasselblad quite often from some of our pro customers. Since the market for this kind of gear has been pretty small and specialized in the past, we haven’t given it much thought, but there appears to be a new surge of interest in MF (medium-format) gear from some semi-pro and even amateur photographers. So, we thought we’d put the question to you.

We’ve created a petition of sorts for you folks to sign. If you want us to carry medium-format gear, please take a moment to sign it. Your email addresses will not be sold to a third-party for any purpose and we will not spam you.

We look forward to hearing from our customers!
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  • Large format gear makes so much sense for borrowlenses – and I would love, love to rent a good quality IQ back and body for certain shoots I do destined for poster sizes.

  • And by large format gear, I mean medium format gear.

    Though large format digital backs would be nice too :)

  • Travis says:

    I’m about to upgrade from Canon to the Mamiya DM series digital set up and while I already own two stellar lenses for the system it would be awesome to be able to rent specialized lenses when the situation arises for my clients.

  • Many of us would love to try a medium format system before making the significant investment of a medium format system.

  • Jim Markle says:

    There are times when I would use a medium format.

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