Weekly Recap – October 10, 2011

Weekly Recap – October 10, 2011

Welcome to the Weekly Recap. Today’s post recaps new and newsworthy items related to photography from around the web for the week ending on October 9.

  1. Apple.com, in tribute to Steve Jobs

    Apple.com, in tribute to Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs, 1955-2011: The greatest visionary of our time passed away last week. You’ve already read this all over the web, seen it on TV, but no news recap would be complete without mention of the passing of this icon.

  2. Staged Photojournalism: How much of the photojournalism you look at is staged? Photographer Ruben Salvadori takes a hard, critical look at that question in this provocative and very disturbing video.
  3. California photographers, pay up – quick! Didn’t pay your model as soon as the shoot was done? Tsk tsk. You might just get sued, thanks to an obscure labor law in California.
  4. Wanted  – a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant (really, anyone). For free. Photographers are used to being asked to do their jobs without pay. One Craigslister takes umbrage.
  5. Adobe announces stuff. Everyone’s happy. Everyone’s mad. Just another Monday? Adobe announced a slew of new products at the MAX 2011 conference. Some things made people happy (Adobe Photoshop for tablets! Yay!).  Other things made people mad (Adobe Photoshop for tablets! Boo!). Adobe’s own Terry White has a nice roundup here:
  6. Google+ for photographers: A really good set of videos, courtesy of Scott Kelby. Definitely worth a view.
  7. Yes, but will it focus? The guys at Fuji are planning a competitor to the Micro 4/3 format. Because we don’t have enough competing small-factor interchangeable lens formats.
  8. It’s real! No it’s not! One of the best demos we’ve ever seen of inserting 3D items into an image. Bad Photoshop jobs might be a thing of the past. PR departments at BP and in Iran rejoice.
  9. Is that a microscope in your pocket? More cool stuff from the “must have now even though I have no earthly use for it” department. The geeks at UC Davis have turned the iPhone’s camera into a microscope. No, you don’t need to upgrade to the 4S – unless you want Siri to tell you what horrible disease she sees in the magnified images.
  10. Cancer is cruel and unforgiving, and now it looks to take Photojojo founder Amit Gupta too. Minorities are underrepresented in bone marrow donation banks. Please help.
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Sohail Mamdani is a writer and photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow him on Twitter. You can find his blog at anymedium.com and his work on 500px.


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