Tip of the week: Offloading your images quickly

Tip of the week: Offloading your images quickly
The iPad 2

The iPad 2

Every Thursday, we post a photography-related tip. These tips are inspired by questions we get from our customers. Sometimes we might feature a technique tip, and sometimes a gear recommendation. If there’s something specific you’d like to see in this section, let us know. Email us at blog@borrowlenses.com.

This week’s tip is inspired by something that we’ve heard asked many times; with today’s high resolution cameras, a 4GB, 8GB or even 16GB memory card may not be enough to hold all your images from a shoot, so you’ll need a safe way to offload the images and resume shooting. 

Carrying multiple cards is always a good idea, but as anyone who’s dropped an SD memory card knows, those things are tiny and easy to lose. Replacing a lost card is easy. Replacing the images on it? Not so much. It’s also not always possible to offload the images to a laptop as well.

The Epson P-7000

The Epson P-7000

So here’s our tip of the week: don’t let the lack of a computer prevent you from ensuring that your images are offloaded from your cards every night. We offer two great options for you to do this.

The first is everyone’s favorite tablet, the Apple iPad. BorrowLenses.com rents the iPad 2 64GB WiFi edition and we send it to you with Apple’s Camera Connection kit so you can transfer images from your SD card directly to the iPad. If your camera uses CompactFlash cards, you can connect your camera to the iPad using the USB dongle (that’s part of the Camera Connection Kit) and transfer your images that way.

The advantages of this method are clear – not only can you store your images on the iPad, you can view them on that gorgeous display, email them to wherever you want, post them to Facebook, Twitter or Google+. You can also trash the images you don’t like, freeing up space on the iPad for more images.

The second method is to use a dedicated storage and viewer device, like the Epson P-7000, which we also rent. This unit has 160GB of memory (its little brother, the P-6000, has 80GB) and has slots for your CompactFlash or SD cards. You can view and delete your images on the Epson P-7000, though you won’t be able to upload or email them as you can on the iPad, but you get almost three times the storage as a tradeoff.

Either method will work just fine, and as an added insurance, you can also use multiple memory cards so that your images always exist in at least two places at the same time.

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  1. That’s great!
    Is there a way to backup images on the new iPhone from CF card without being connected to an external power source? I need to justify a 64G iPhone purchase to the business side of my brain :)


    • Yes, I bought one for CF and it works great! I believe I purchased it from the place Tom listed. Very simple to use!

  2. You guys may want to check out the iPad CF adapter over at dealextreme.com! It allows for the same functin of card reading to an iPad, but using CF cards! I just ordered mine today; they are about $21 US, with free shipping! It may be something for you to consider adding into your iPad package.

  3. With iOS5 the iPad just got even better for offloading photos.

    You can load all your RAW files onto your iPad, and PhotoStream will back them all up to iCloud for 30 days.

    Leave your computer online and iCloud will send them to your computer automatically where they remain permanently, no 30 day limit once they arrive on your computer.

    When you get home, no need to sync your iPad or SD/CF cards, the RAW files are already there in your photo library.


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