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This weekend in San Francisco: Speedliter’s Intensive

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Speedliter's Intensive

Speedliter's Intensive

Our friend and favorite red-haired photographer, Syl Arena, is hosting his amazing Speedliter’s Intensive class and workshop this weekend in San Francisco. Seats are still open for the event and blog readers and Facebook/Twitter followers get $50 off the two-day event by using the code BL50.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what to do with that Canon Speedlite you bought with your camera, this is the class for you.

Details available at

Day one is is a seminar, suitable for beginning to intermediate photographers and will cover primarily single-speedlite techniques as well as an intro to Canon’s wireless system. Here’s the itinerary:

  • How You See vs. How Your Camera Sees
  • Picking the Best Camera Exposure Mode: Av, Tv, and Manual
  • Speedlite Exposure Modes: E-TTL and Manual
  • Using Exposure Compensation & Flash Exposure Compensation
  • How Simple Flash Modifiers Will Help You Craft Better Light
  • Basic Techniques For Getting Your Speedlite Off-Camera
  • Techniques For Portraits With One Speedlite
  • Intro to Canon’s Built-in Wireless System
The second day is a hands-on workshop that covers the following items:
  • Canon Wireless: Configuring Masters & Slaves
  • The Hows & Whys of Using Radio Triggers
  • High-Speed Sync: How to Flash in Broad Daylight
  • Advanced Light Modifiers: Softboxes, Diffusion Panels, Etc.
  • Creative Manipulation Of White Balance & Gels
  • Techniques For Portraits With Multiple Speedlites
  • Techniques For Speedliting Events / Weddings
  • Mixing Speedlites With Larger Strobes
  • Multi / Stroboscopic
The hands-on workshop includes the first day’s seminar fee, but the one-day seminar is also available as a separate

class for those who just want to get started with the world of Canon flash photography. Even after going to this one-day class and reading Syl’s utterly fantastic Speedliter’s Handbook, we’ve found that we still manage to learn things when Syl comes around. It’s a can’t-miss for all Canonistas.

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