A Letter to Canon and Nikon

A Letter to Canon and Nikon

Hey Canon and Nikon – BorrowLenses.com here.

You might remember us from several large orders over the years.  And there have been quite a few repairs too (looks at the person reading this). Anyway, we’re writing today to let you know we are ready for whatever big announcements you have under wraps to be unwrapped. Go ahead; unwrap them.

Google is sick of people searching for “Canon 5D Mark 3” and “Nikon D800” and we’re getting tired of the rumor mill spitting out tiny droplet of info after tiny droplet of info month after month, year after year. It’s like following a rabbit around, if you know what we mean. Both of you have been seeding info to forums, leaking bits of information to anonymous tipsters, and teasing the general public in a fashion that should bring about a class-action lawsuit, if there was any justice in the world.

Canikon 5D Mark III

New full-frame cameras from both Nikon and Canon are expected soon.



Sure, we love the current crop of cameras just fine, but Canon, we would love for your flagship consumer camera to have an auto focus system similar to – if not better than – the 19-point system used on the 7D. Or, even better, throw in the 45-point AF system from the 1D Mark  IV just like Nikon did when it put its 51-point AF in both the D3 and the D700.  And if you even *think* about recycling that ancient 9-point AF system for the 5D Mark III, we will be the first to join the angry mobs with pitchforks in tow whilst we march upon your corporate headquarters.

Speaking of the 5D Mark III, from what we’ve read, it sounds like you’re considering splintering the 5D Mark III into two cameras – one for video, and one for stills. We’ll go on record right now as being supportive of this concept;  DSLRs have terrible ergonomics for video, and a lot of people want features and performance designed to enhance still photography, not video. So separate them, by all means. Give us a 21MP 5D Mark III with improved ISO  performance, a good AF system, better LCD and a sub-$3k price tag and we’re on board. We don’t need more megapixels, thanks.

Nikon, we haven’t forgotten about you. You have shown a lot of promise with the D7000 as well as the 24mm, 35mm, and 85mm f/1.4 primes, but you have been left in the dust in the video arena – nobody in their right mind would deny this.  Canon has a 3-year head start on you! We applaud your decision to ditch the crappy Motion JPEG codec in favor of H.264 – like you had a choice- but you really have a lot of catching up to do. We know your upcoming announcement is going to be a full-frame DSLR that shoots 1080p – this is the camera the entire industry has been waiting patiently for since the release of the 5D II. This is the camera that keeps us up at night. We’ve drawn pictures of it on our binders; told hundreds of customers “it’s coming, just be patient,” and have been dreaming of it ever since the release of the 5D Mark II three years ago. Please don’t let us down.

Nikon D4

There have been a zillion mockups of the long-awaited Nikon D4.

Speaking of FX cameras, when you serve up that delicious D4 camera body we’d also appreciate it if you could unveil the D800 at the same time. It’s a long shot, we know, but we’d love to see all those rumors come to fruition: 24 Megapixels, expanded ISO range, dual CF card slots, 100 % viewfinder, and the long awaited full frame 1080P video.  Please Nikon – your humble Nikonians are awaiting the arrival of the 1080P Messiah!


BorrowLenses.com Staff

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