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Keeping Your Photos Safe in the Real World

Tips & Tricks

Our friends over at SmugMug help photographers from all walks of life put their best memories into beautiful and safe photography websites. In this blog series on photography website tips and tricks, SmugMug shares some of things they have learned about photographers can better protect their work. Missed this series? Check out Part 1: SmugMug’s 9 Must-Haves for a Successful Photography Website and Part 2: 6 Website Mistakes You’re Probably Making Right Now. (more…)

Q&A with Red Bull Photographer Garth Milan

BL News

Garth Milan is a famous action sports photographer and a customer of BorrowLenses. Milan originally started photographing action sports because of his own interest in skateboarding, mountain biking, and motorcycle riding. This year he did a Red Bull photo shoot with Harrison Barnes and was kind enough to share some insight and images from the shoot with BorrowLenses!


All New Underwater Housing Fleet for Rent – Plus New Sound Blimps

BL News Gear Talk has received a whole new fleet of underwater housing units and brand new sound blimps from AquaTech! Underwater housing units allow you to shoot photos and video up to 33′ under water while the sound blimps reduce shutter sounds by up to 90%. So whether you’re doing ethereal, watery fashion shoots, capturing athletes in strong surf, or being as inconspicuous as possible at a special event, we’ll have you (and your gear) covered with AquaTech. (more…)

Black Friday Special: All Rentals 15% Off

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Save 15% on all rentals now through November 30th and lock in your Black Friday savings. Place an order that ships before December 3rd using coupon code BLFRIDAY14 to get a jump on the holiday deals!

Fine Print: Not eligible for existing orders or on For Sale items. 15% off discount code is for orders that arrive to you on/by December 3rd, 2014, whether shipped or picked up. rental orders only ship to U.S. addresses and renters must possess a U.S. credit card. This code is for rentals only, is not transferable, is not valid on items for purchase, and cannot be combined with other discount codes. Offer expires November 30th, 2014, at 11:59 PM PST.

Getting Started: Environmental Portraits

Photographers Tips & Tricks

Portrait photography is a very common entry port into a burgeoning photographic hobby or even career. There are several main categories of portrait photography, environmental portraits being one of the first attempted due to its accessibility. To accomplish a successful environmental portrait you do not need a studio, elaborate lighting techniques, or hair and make-up specialists. What you do need, however, is a vision or a story that you wish to tell that works in balance with the subject you are photographing. Read on to find out what to keep in mind when first embarking on this style of photography to increase your success of creating impactful photographs.


A Review of Fuji’s X-trans CMOS II Sensor and X-mount Lenses

Gear Talk

David Kingham is a landscape photographer with years of experience and a known track record of going great lengths to capture spectacular landscapes. He is constantly searching for the ideal camera and lens combo to facilitate longer travel with more energy when he arrives. Find out how Fuji’s new mirror-less line of cameras and interchangeable X-mount lenses tested for his needs.


BorrowLenses Gear Rentals of the Week: 25% Off Discount

Gear of the Week

Save 25% off the following rentals now through Sunday, November 23rd, 11:59 EST. Place any of the following items in your cart for rental. Enter BLDOW in the promo code section at checkout and automatically receive 25% off those items! Good for any future rental period so long as the order comes in before Sunday night. This week’s discounted items are as follows:  (more…)

PhotoPlus Expo Giveaway Winners!

BL News

Thank you to everybody who stopped by the BorrowLenses booth at Photo Plus Expo in New York! Wether it was just to say hi, get some info about our service, or grab some sugar to make it through the day, we loved seeing everybody at the show.


Thanksgiving Special: 10% Off Plus 4 Free Rental Days

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Save 10% on all rentals now through Thanksgiving with coupon code TURKEYGEAR14. Receive 4 bonus rental days FREE in addition to your 10% savings when your rental ends on Thanksgiving Day. Keep it until Monday, December 1st! (more…)

More Pick-Up Options for Your Convenience

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FedEx Office pickup and dropoff for your orders is now available at 2000+ locations across the country! During checkout you can search by ZIP code for the nearest office to make getting your order as easy as possible. (more…)

Beard and Mustache Championships 2014


Guest Post by Greg Anderson

I shot the Beard and Mustache Championships in New Orleans in 2013 and had so much fun I to go back and do it again in Portland. Between the two, I photographed a few smaller local competitions, one in Vegas and one in Sacramento, but none of the others compare with the National or World Championships.


10 Wicked Portraits and Halloween Shooting Tips

Tips & Tricks

Fall is the landscape photographer’s dream season but Halloween is when portrait photographers get all of the fun! Check out the images below, plus gain some shooting tips from working photographers. Let the shapes and shadows of the night inspire you and have a safe and happy Halloween from everyone at BorrowLenses! (more…)

Simple Tricks for a Treat of a Halloween Photobooth

Tips & Tricks

Every year, SmugMug cofounder Chris MacAskill hosts a Halloween photobooth in his garage. Read on to find out how he does it and gain tips on building your own bewitching booth! (more…)

BorrowLenses Lens and Filter Size Guide

Tips & Tricks

Filters are optional accessories that can either be screwed onto, dropped in front of, or dropped into lenses. They are usually made of glass with a metal or plastic frame. We put UV filters on almost all of our lenses going out on rental because even cheap filters help protect the front element during transport. Not keeping them on, or at least putting them back on when shipping back, can cost you! (more…)