Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the rental process

How does it work?

Rent, shoot, return. You choose what you want, when you want to receive it, and for how long you want to rent it, we then ship the gear directly to you, or to one of our many convenient pick-up locations! When your rental is done, pack up the gear, ship it back using the provided return label, or return it to the original drop point where you picked-up. Once we receive the gear back in house, we inspect and clean everything. Barring any damage or missing items- your rental is complete! Wasn't that easy? Check out our handy link for further explanation: How it Works

What is the condition of your rental equipment?
Our gear is best described as "Loved". We test, calibrate, and clean our equipment after every order. There may be a few cosmetic flaws from a well enjoyed rental but each item is checked for full functionality before it leaves our office. Of course, if an item has a tumble during shipping and arrives in a less than loved condition, don't panic! Please contact us immediately, we're here to help get you replacement gear so your gig runs smoothly!

Can I reserve a rental item?
Yes, we take reservations for any item in our inventory! All you need to do it select the date of arrival or pick-up upon check-out. Feel free to order a year or more in advance!

When reserving an item for a hard deadline (wedding, vacation, large production shoot), please pay special attention to the shipping options. While the carrier almost always delivers packages on time, some packages get delayed due to unforseen circumstances. We recommend you give yourself a buffer by requesting the gear to arrive 2-3 days before the day you actually need it.

What does "Expected xxx Date" message mean?
This means that every copy of that specific rental item is currently being used by other customers, and the soonest one or more copies will be back is that expected date. We use the word "expected" because sometimes the carrier is delayed, or the item is returned missing a key sub-part, or even broken. If this happens, we will contact you ASAP to discuss swapping you to another item, or seeing if your delivery date can be adjusted.

Can I place orders for items with different rental durations?
Unfortunately, we do not allow multiple durations on one order. Simply place separate orders for separate durations (start/end dates).

When does my rental begin?
The rental starts the day the carrier delivers or attempts to deliver your package for the first time. For example, if the carrier delivers your package on Wednesday, your rental begins on Wednesday. If you miss the delivery on Wednesday your rental still begins on the day the carrier first attempts delivery.

When does my rental end?
Let us give you an example! If your rental is for 3 days beginning on a Friday, it will end on a Monday. If your rental begins on a Monday for 7 days, it will end on the following Monday. The paperwork you receive with your rental will note the return date, and we'll also email you one day before your rental is due back as a reminder. Let us know if you aren't clear on when to ship back or drop-off.

What comes with a rental?
All accessories or sub-parts included with the rental items are listed on the website for your convenience. A typical lens will include a front and back cap, filter, and hood. A typical camera body will include the body cap, eyecup, strap, battery, and charger. If you have any special requests, please don't hesitate to write us a note during check-out and we'll do our best to make sure you get what you need!

Does all equipment come with manuals?
We know a bunch of our renters are using the gear for the very first time, so we keep manuals on hand for requests. If we don't have the one you need, there are often links to product manuals on our website. Always feel free to get in touch with us if you have a quick question about how to use your rental equipment- we're here to help you!

May I extend my rental?
The short answer is... maybe! Please log on to your account and click, "extend order" before your rental expires if you wish to extend! If you rather speak with our awesome customer service team, please contact us and we'll be glad to help. Note: you may only extend your entire rental order, not part of your order. If there are no other customers waiting in line for your item, we will be happy to extend your rental. However, if somebody else has already placed an order for your item and is awaiting its return, we will need you to return the item in order to fulfill the next order.

Please note that in terms of billing the extensions are treated as if they were new orders - this is due to the overhead of handling new transactions (accounting, scheduling, inventory control, etc). Thus, if you think you may want the lens for a longer period of time up front, please do so. The rate will be less expensive for a 2 week rental than it would be for two 1-week rentals.

Do you offer custom rental periods?
Certainly! If the generic increments on the website do not work for you, please contact us or simply enter the dates you need the gear into the order notes upon check-out and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs. All custom duration orders are prorated to the appropriate amount, and cannot be less than 3 days.

Can I take the rental outside the US?
Please do! We love it when our gear gets to travel world-wide, but you have to promise to share some photos when you get back! We recommend you keep the invoice with the gear as customs may want to charge you tax, falsely assuming you purchased the equipment outside the US. All rental items must be returned to the shipping provider within the US. You may NOT return your rental at an international hub.

What if I need help choosing a lens, camera, or knick-knack?
We are always happy to help narrow down your choices or point you in the right direction. Our staff is available for calls and emails from 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday and 10am to 4pm on Saturday. Please keep in mind that we cannot anticipate every situation, preferred style, or equipment combination due to the limitless possibilities. It is best to do your own research so that you can ensure that you make the right decision for your event. If you order the wrong item or do not understand how to use the gear, we will try to help you find a solution but we cannot offer you a full refund. Of course, any equipment returned before the end of the rental can receive an early return voucher. If you have ordered the wrong equipment or "just don't like it", contact us! For further details about early returns, please navigate to the "Returns" section on this page.

What if I wish to rent something you do not currently offer?
We are constantly striving to provide you with the most complete and extensive inventory in the business. Please contact us and let us know what you want to get your hands on! If we get enough feedback about a certain item or category of items, we will definitely consider adding them to our inventory.

My rental ends on Sunday -- what do I do?
If your rental ends on Sunday you can return the item to us on the following day, Monday. Our system is designed to ignore Sundays- so if your rental ends on that day our records will indicate that it's being shipped/returned on Monday already.

What if I leave my data on a memory card/hard drive I rented from you?
From time to time this happens to the best of us! Unfortunately, we cannot promise that your images/audio/video will be kept on the card you rented, as we generally format all cards immediately upon arrival. We do this for your privacy, as we're sure you wouldn't want us flipping through your personal work! If there's an emergency and you happen to contact us before we format the card/hard drive, you may be able to rent it out again to retrieve your data.


Do you charge a deposit?
More than 99% of the orders we process do not require a deposit. Some very expensive equipment will require insurance (see next question). When insurance isn't available, a deposit can go in its place. We understand it can be inconvenient or in some cases not feasible to put down a large deposit and we will always communicate with you before charging any deposit. We evaluate every order and do reserve the right to ask for a deposit if we feel it's necessary. In all cases, we will do our best to work with you towards the best solution for both parties!

Do I need insurance to rent from you?
Some very expensive equipment will require insurance in order to rent. We make sure to note this requirement at the bottom of the product page of all of the affected products, so you will not find any surprises!

What forms of payment do you accept on orders?
We accept major credit and most debit cards: VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER, and American Express. Our system is only able to process payments from cards issued in the United States that have a US based billing address. We do not accept pre-paid cards, gift credit cards, virtual card #s or temporary bank cards (those that do not have your name on them). We hate to do it, but orders placed on these types of cards are automatically cancelled from the system. If your order is cancelled due to an unacceptable method of payment, you are welcome to replace it with a more classically defined credit or debit card.

When is my credit card charged?
If your order is placed and due to ship within 7 days of your order date, an authorization hold in the amount of the rental will be placed on your card immediately. On the day your order ships out, the authorization hold will be charged to your card.

If your order is placed and due to ship 7 days later than your order date, an authorization hold in the amount of $1 will be placed on your card immediately, then released within 24 hours. Then, 2 days before your order is due to ship, we will authorize your card for the amount of the rental. The day your order ships the authorization will be charged to your card.

Note - This process works differently for debit cards, see next question for details.

I thought you said you only charge the card when my order is shipped. Why do I see a charge immediately after placing the order?
You must be using a debit card. Debit cards work differently than credit cards. When an authorization hold is placed on a debit card, the system actually withdraws the money needed for the hold and places it in a special intermediate account, but it is not transferred to us. Once the order is shipped, we "capture" your debit card and only then are the funds transferred from the intermediate account into ours. Kind of makes you want to use a credit card, doesn't it?

Do you charge taxes?
Yes, sales tax is collected in all 50 states except AK, NH, IL (except for Chicago), OR, MT, and DE (which do not collect sales taxes). The state's taxing law states that if is sending a rental to the state, the company now has 'nexus' in that state. As a result, the state's taxing authority requires that collect and forward sales / use tax from the customer. Tax is assessed based on your delivery address. We hate to do this since we realize it raises the rental rates for you, but we must do it to adhere to the law.

Do you charge late fees?
Unfortunately, yes. We determine if you owe a late fee based on the time stamp of the return shipment. The late fee is 1/4 of one week's rental fee for every day late, per item. The fee is easily avoided by extending your rental which you can do by going to your account and clicking "extend" next to your order, or by speaking with one of our awesome customer service reps.

Can I apply a discount code to my current order?
In short, the answer is maybe. Our representatives have the ability to add a code to a processed reservation but once an order is shipped, or prepped for pickup, we cannot apply discount codes to an order. If you contact us after your order has shipped, or prepped for pickup, we will be unable to assist you with this request.

How do I cancel my pending reservation?
If you need to cancel the order, please contact us. 24 hour notice must be given before ship-out or pick-up, otherwise a 1 day rental (prorated off the 3 day rate) for all items will be charged to your card. You may cancel within 24 hours of placing your order with no fees, as long as your order has not shipped yet. Remember, orders due for immediate shipment will leave our office quickly so if you must cancel, contact us ASAP! Canceling a shipped order will cause you to incur extra fees. For additional information, please see our section on shipping cancellation. If you're a BorrowLenses Member, you will never get charged a cancellation fee if you cancel before shipment! Doesn't that make you want to join?

Can I cancel my order after it has shipped?
Yes, we can cancel your order as long as it has not been delivered yet. All cancellations are subject to full refund minus: 1 day rental rate + round trip shipping + damage waiver (if applicable).

Is there anything else I need to know or consider?
Please note that if you order very expensive items and are a first time customer, we will ask you to provide additional information regarding your identity, addressees for shipping and other details. If you're curious about this and want some insight, contact our verifications department directly at 844-853-6737.


Which shipping carrier do you use?

We're proud to offer options for both FedEx and UPS! FedEx is our preferred carrier. We do the bulk of our shipments with FedEx and can offer a deeper discount on shipping prices as a result. You may make your selection for either carrier upon check-out.

Is signature required?
Yes, a signature is required on all packages for security purposes.

Where do you ship to?
We are proud to offer shipping within the whole Unites States (all 50 of them).

Do you ship internationally?
While we would love to help our Canadian neighbors to the north, we have heard enough horror stories about shipments being stuck in customs for weeks at a time to not offer that option for now. However, our friends at Lens Lenders do service the country up north exclusively.

For prospective customers residing in Germany, Zoomy Rentals does a great job and we recommend them wholeheartedly!

Do you ship to PO Boxes?
Unfortunately, we cannot ship to PO Boxes.

Do you ship to Puerto Rico?
Sorry! Unfortunately we do not ship to Puerto Rico.

Do you ship to Hawaii and Alaska?
We certainly do! But due to the distance, shipping does take 1 day longer than usual. It takes 3 days for "standard shipping" and 2 days for "overnight shipping", in most cases.

Do you ship to hotels?
On a case by case basis. It is always safer and more reliable to have your order shipped to a local Fedex or UPS facility for pickup. However, in some cases that's not possible, and we get that. Should you need to have an item shipped to a hotel, simply add the name and the address of the hotel in the shipping address field upon check-out. If we need anything more, we will notify you before the order goes out.

Too busy to sign for your package?
We have a solution! Our partners at FedEx allow customers to ship and pickup packages directly from their stores. We can ship your package to FedEx by following a few simples steps! Find a FedEx location near you and enter their address in delivery section during checkout. Be sure to check what type of packages the FedEx location accepts. If you select a location that does not accept both Express and Ground packages, you will need to contact us after placing your order. We are happy to grant special requests but we will need to modify your account. Need more info? Check out FedEx's video here!

What are your shipping rates and types offered?
Please note that our rentals do not automatically include the shipping rates. The shipping amount for each order will be displayed upon check-out. Our rates are round-trip, unless you are purchasing an item. We offer standard, and overnight services with the option of priority overnight, standard am services, and Saturday delivery for an extra fee. Both UPS and FedEx offer Priority Saturday delivery for $40 extra per package. Please contact us for more information about these services!

What time of day does the carrier deliver?
For any standard shipping order- you can expect your package no later than 4:30pm. In some cases if you're located in a rural area, the carrier has a technical difficulty, or it's around the holidays, delivery times may vary to as late at 7 or 8pm. For any standard overnight package, delivery is by 3pm. In some cases if you're located in a rural area, the carrier has a technical difficulty, or it's around the holidays, delivery times for standard and overnight shipments may vary to as late at 7 or 8pm. Priority overnight and standard am services offer a delivery time by 10:30am; select areas may deliver as late as 12:00pm.

Is there anything I should check when the package arrives?
Absolutely! We recommend inspecting each item and inventory sheet. While we hope that every package will arrive perfectly, we know that this is not always the case. Each package contains instructions and an invoice for quality control purposes. You can view each item and subpart on your rental. Additionally, items can shift during transit damaging the equipment. If your package ever arrives in a less than perfect state, please call us immediately! We just want to make sure that you have working equipment and that you are never charged for a small subpart which was accidentally missed.

What if the carrier is late!?
For the vast majority of orders, the carrier will arrive on time so you should not have to worry. We still recommend giving yourself a 1-2 day buffer if you have a date that cannot be missed such as a wedding or vacation abroad. From time to time things do happen that prevent the carrier from delivering on time, though this is a VERY small fraction of orders. When the carrier does experience issues, and we have done everything correct on our part (shipped the order on the correct day, etc.) we will issue you a store credit for half the amount of the shipping on the order (essentially covering the cost of the outgoing shipping, since the incoming shipment will not be affected by any problems with the carrier).

My order just shipped and the tracking # says it won't arrive till past my requested arrival date?
Don't worry! The tracking information we've emailed you will only be accurate 24 hours after the order is first picked-up by the carrier. If it's already your day of delivery and the tracking still says you're not going to receive the order on time, please let us know ASAP so we can follow-up with the carrier.

What if I need to reroute my package after it's been shipped?
We may be able to help! Please contact us first to see if this is possible. If this is your first time accepting delivery at an address other than your billing address, we may ask you to verify the new shipping address with your card company. Also, there is a $5 charge for each package to be rerouted, and there is often a 1-2 day delay for delivery.

Can I make changes to my order after it is shipped, or ready to be picked-up?
Maybe! Our representatives have the ability to add or subtract items on a processed reservation within 24 hours of being shipped, or marked ready for pick-up in our system. After that time has expired, we cannot make changes to the order. You will know when your order is shipped or marked ready for pick-up, as an email it sent out to the address on file. Let me know if you have any questions!

What if something is missing when I receive my package!?
Take a deep breath, we're here to help! We strive for perfection, but on a rare occasion, something does go wrong with an item not ending up in the package as planned. If an item is missing, please contact us within 3 hours after delivery. We will likely ask you for photos of the boxes exterior and interior, including the packaging and items themselves before sending a replacement to you.


Can I pick up rental items in person at one of your West Coast, East Coast, or Mid West partner locations?
Yes, you certainly can. We have locations all over the US to help you save money on shipping! Click here for a list of our partner pick-up and drop-off points.

How do I place an order for local pick-up?
You place the order through our website like you normally would. In the "Shipping Option" section, please select "Local Pick-up in XXXXX" depending on what's more convenient for you. Please note that you must drop off at the same location where you initially picked-up.

What will I need on the day of my pick-up?
The cardholder is the only person who can pick-up an order. If the cardholder cannot pick-up, please call our verifications department for assistance at 844-853-6737. Additionally, you will need to provide a state-issued picture ID and the credit card when picking-up.

How much does it cost to pick-up local to me?
Other than our headquarter locations in San Carlos, CA and Waltham, MA - Every pick-up/drop-off point requires a courier fee ranging from $15 to $25.

Can I pick up my rental at a drop-off location, and then ship it back via Fed Ex or UPS?
Sure, as long as you do not mind footing the bill for packaging and shipping. Please let us know ahead of time so we can make the necessary adjustments to your account. You will need to supply us with tracking information after you purchase a 2 day return label from the carrier of your choice. For return by mail instructions click here.

Can my coworker, assistant, spouse, friend, etc. pick up my order?
It is possible to verify people other than yourself to pick up on your behalf. To set this up you will need to fill out and return this authorization form before your rental leaves our headquarters. All alternate party pickups must have a completed authorization form, and are subject to approval by the verifications department.

What else do I need to know?
Please keep in mind that all locations minus the headquarters are just distribution centers with no inventory of rental items, no access to billing, and are not experts on the gear you are renting. Please contact us directly with any questions regarding your rental.


How do I return the rental items to you?
You will receive detailed instructions with your package, but essentially you just put everything back in the box it came in and attach the prepaid return shipping label that came with your order to the box. You then take it to the nearest shipping provider (UPS or FedEx) and hand it to them, and they ship it back to us. Please contact your local FedEx / UPS location for specific cut-off times. Make sure to get a receipt. Please note that if you call for a pick-up from your location, there will be an extra fee charged per package. Please contact us before doing so, and we will gladly give you the rate. Also, all rental items must be returned to the shipping provider within the US. You may NOT return your rental via an international hub. A copy of the instructions can also be found here. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Can I return my rental to a different pickup location?
Yes, but due to the complications of returning to another affiliate location, your rental will be subject to a 25% fee. The 25% will be calculated from the TOTAL COST of your rental. If you are unable to return to the location where you initially picked-up, you must contact us for approval. Upon approval, your card will be immediately charged for the 25% convenience fee. To further explain the above mentioned complications, returning to another pick up location can cause delays in shipment and potentially cause the next customer to receive their rental late.

If I shipped back my rental, am I still liable?
Until the package is shipped back and shows up in the carriers possession, you will be held liable. If the package does not show up as tracked with the carrier, unfortunately you will be liable for the cost to replace the gear, or the late fees once the package begins to track with the carrier. We recommend to drop off your rental to a staffed drop point and secure a receipt as proof. If you decide to schedule a pick-up at your location, use a mail room, drop box, 3rd party drop point, etc.- you will be responsible for any loss, or late fees as a result. If you need assistance finding a location to drop off your package, please contact us! We're happy to help.

Can I return to a drop box, mailroom, or hotel?
Please do not do this. You will almost always incur a late fee as the courier does not pick-up from them on a timely schedule (based on our experience over the years). Since the courier comes late, your order will be late, and you will have to pay a late fee. To avoid this, take your package to any staffed drop-off location and do no use a curb-side drop-box/mailroom/hotel. There is also the possibility when using a drop box that the gear you are "dropping" into the box will get damaged when you drop it into the box. Trust us -- these locations almost always cause late fees! The only way to guarantee that your package will return on schedule is to (A) return to a staffed drop-off location (B) arrive at this location before their daily pickup/cut-off time and (C) ask for a receipt!

Can my coworker, assistant, spouse, friend, etc. pick up my order?
It is possible to verify people other than yourself to pick up on your behalf. To set this up you will need to fill out and return this authorization form before your rental leaves our headquarters. All alternate party pickups must have a completed authorization form, and are subject to approval by the verifications department.

What if I leave my own equipment in my rental items?
This happens from time to time -- a memory card is left in a camera, or a tripod mount is attached to a lens collar, etc. We'll do our best to get your equipment back to you, but are NOT RESPONSIBLE for anything that is left with a rental, period. If you send something you own back to us, we will try to get it back to you but make no promises that it will. We're sorry but these are always small items and they have a tendency to become lost, misplaced, or to get mixed in with our own inventory.

What if I remove or lose the RFID tag on the gear I rented?
Most of the gear is equipped with RFID tags. Due to the cost and time involved in replacing these tags, we do charge a $12 fee per product.

Do you refund or give store vouchers if I return the rental gear early?
Yes! If your rented for 4 days or longer, here are your options:
1. Full store credit in the form of a voucher for all unused days.
2. Refund to card, minus 25% processing fee (calculated from the remaining days total).


Can I return a purchased accessory back to you?
All accessories for sale may not be returned, or exchanged. All sales are final, no refunds or store credit will be given as reimbursement for said purchases.


What is a damage waiver?
Damage waivers purchased through gives you peace of mind and protects you from liability for unintentional damage to the rental item after paying a deductible. If you do not purchase a damage waiver, you will be responsible for 100% of the cost to repair, or a replacement item. If you do purchase damage waiver and an item is damaged, you only pay a deductible of 12% of the replacement value of the item, or the repair fee- whichever is cheaper.

How do I purchase a damage waiver?
Most items we rent have a damage waiver purchase option located below the rental duration selector. The "Yes" option indicates how much this will cost for a particular item. If you forget to add a damage waiver to your order during checkout, please contact us and we can add it to your order if it has not yet shipped.

What is covered by the damage waivers?
Most unintentional damage to the item is covered under this optional damage waiver policy.

What is NOT covered by damage waivers?
Lost or stolen items are not covered, neither is water damage. Also, any sub-parts in your rental are not covered including lens hoods, battery chargers, front and rear caps, cables, etc. If you lose and/or damage these items, you will need to pay for them to be replaced even if you purchased a damage waiver. The damage waivers are for the main item only. Also, your photographer's or business insurance might cover items and/or situations that our policies do not cover -- please check with your insurance agent regarding this before your rental begins.


What do you consider damage?
Minor scratches or scuffs on the exterior of the equipment are considered ordinary wear and tear and will not result in damage assessments. We're really reasonable about wear and tear- after all we're photographers too! Anything more severe than this will be considered damage. The return of dirty equipment may be subject to a cleaning fee. Please make sure to return items in the same condition as you received them. Also, please remember that if you use any personal gear with your rental items, to be mindful of the risk factor at hand. For example, if you use a battery not shipped with a camera we provided and it causes damage to our body, we would charge you a repair fee.

Most items are equipped with RFID tags. Removing these tags is considered damaging the gear. Removal of these tags will result in a $12.00 fee per tag.

Is the equipment in good working order when it arrives?
Indeed!! Prior to shipping your order, we verify functionality of each rental item. We will not send you a malfunctioning piece of gear! We perform visual inspection and if we notice any functional defects, the equipment will be sent to the repair shop instead of you. This is in addition to the checks and tests we run on gear when it is first returned from a rental. We will do our best to notify you of any issues in a timely manner and provide you with the opportunity to modify your order in case we get inoperable equipment back from a previous shipment.

What if the rental item becomes damaged in transit?
There is very little chance of this happening, but occasionally it will. We pack the equipment in special packaging material to guarantee its safety and have very rarely had problems with service from the carriers. However, if you notice that your package arrives in really bad shape, you must notify us within 3 hours of receiving it and provide pictures of the condition of the box.

We know that receiving broken equipment is a huge inconvenience and we will work with you on sending replacement gear. Please note that if we send you replacement equipment and the original equipment turns out to be functioning as expected, we will charge you rental fees for both rentals. Don't hesitate to contact us if you think something is amiss!

What if I damage the equipment and I did not buy a damage waiver?
We understand that accidents happen. Please contact us immediately, then relax and take a deep breath. Return the rental to us as soon as possible and we will evaluate the damage. In cases where the damage is real and not operator error, we reserve the right to estimate the repair charges (based on our previous repairs), place a temporary authorization hold on your credit card for that amount and send the item off to be repaired. However, our standard process is to send the equipment out for repair, then notify you when it returns with a final cost to you. Because a damage waiver was not purchased, you are liable to pay 100% of the repair, or replacement cost, as well as rental fees (i.e. "loss of use" fees) for every day the gear was out for repair. We put a rush on all repairs to minimize the cost to you for the loss of use fees. Please contact us ASAP with your preferred method of payment so we can charge the amount and close the case on your account. If we do not hear back from you within 5 days, your account information will be sent to collections.

What if I damage the equipment but I did buy a damage waiver?
Please contact us immediately and return the equipment ASAP. We will inspect the equipment and the damage, and send it off for repair. You will be charged a 12% deductible for the replacement cost of the item's value, or repair fees- whichever is cheaper. For example if a lens costs $1,000 and the repair costs $200 you will have to pay just $120 (12%). Once the item has been repaired, we will tally up the charges and send you an invoice. Once we have received payment the matter will be closed. If the item is damaged to the point where repair is not possible, and it must be replaced, you will pay 12% of the street price for that item.


I am interested in renting Aquatech Equipment. Is there anything that I should know?
Aquatech is a partner of Through our partnership with Aquatech we have facilitated an outlet for photographers to rent professional underwater equipment. Our representatives are happy to help you with basic questions about your rental, but for technical questions regarding underwater equipment rentals, we highly recommend contacting our friends at Aquatech directly at (714) 968-6946 for expert advice.

What is the condition of your Aquatech equipment?
The underwater housings and lens ports we rent receive specialized routine maintenance, and are treated with the utmost care by highly experienced Aquatech technicians. You can expect the same high standards of quality with their products as you experience with any of our other rental gear. There may be a few cosmetic flaws from other well enjoyed rentals, but be assured that each item is water tested and checked for full functionality and compatibility before your order is shipped.

Can I pickup my Aquatech gear at one of your headquarter locations on the same day I place my reservation?
Unfortunately, no. Underwater rental items are manufactured, maintained, and shipped directly from Aquatech's main facility, which means you will need to factor in transit time from Aquatech to either of our headquarter locations when scheduling a pickup.

What if you do not offer the lens port or housing I need?! Are there other options?
AT does manufacture certain products we do not make available on our website. If you contact them directly by dialing (714) 968-6946, they may be able to arrange to ship you the item you need.

What if something is missing or damaged when I receive my package or I'm having trouble putting the housing together?!
Take a deep breath, we're here to help! If an item is missing and/or something is damaged, please contact Aquatech within 3 hours after delivery so they can help rush a replacement item to you. If you are otherwise running into trouble with the equipment, an Aquatech technician is just a phone call away. Simply call (714) 968-6946, and their team of experts will be happy to assist you with troubleshooting.


The Equipment Lease Agreement can be found here.


What is the membership program?
Our membership program allows us to say thank you to all of our current and future frequent customers.

What are the benefits offered with member accounts?
As a member, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • - Automatic 10% off on all rental orders placed and shipped during the membership period. This will be applied automatically to your order at the time of checkout. To get the discount make sure to log into the account you purchased the membership with.

  • - An increased level of rental item availability. If something is not available, all possible efforts will be made to ship the order to you, up to and including drop shipping a lens or camera from our suppliers.
    (Limited to a retail price of $4000.)

  • - Free t-shirt. You will get one of these when you sign up for the membership account. If you place an order immediately, we will send one to you with the order. Please let us know which size you would like with the order containing the membership.

  • - Cancellations with no fees. NO FEES!! If you need to cancel the order with us for any reason, and we would normally charge you a cancellation fee, this would be waived for Member level orders.

What is the cost of the membership?
Membership costs $99.00 for the duration of a calendar year and it can be purchased here.

Can the membership be cancelled?
You can cancel your membership within 48 hours of becoming a member. After that, you are signed up for the year. If you place an order using membership benefits during the initial 48 hours, then a cancellation will not be allowed.

How is the membership renewed?
Once your membership is expired, we will automatically renew the membership and send you a receipt via email. You can then cancel within 15 days of receiving this email and all membership dues will be refunded to your card.



What is the affiliate program?
The affiliate program is a program whereby you can refer people to our site, and if they rent any time within 90 days after their first visit, you will get a commission! Seriously!! It's free to join, open to anyone, and you can read more details and sign up on this page.



Do you recycle?
Heck yeah! As many of our customers have probably noticed, we reuse our materials extensively. From the boxes to the foam to the baggies, pouches and bubble wrap- we believe in recycling and reusing all the materials for multiple orders. We are very committed to leaving a small carbon footprint and still provide safe transport for the gear.


Do you have any customers who can provide testimonials about your service?
Unlike most places, we don't put up hand-picked testimonials that make us look good, but instead encourage people to leave feedback on a third party forum letting us know what they think of our service. Using this method, we have gained a lot of positive feedback and continue to tweak all of our systems to obtain maximum customer satisfaction. Please follow these links to read what people have to say about us:

If you have rented from us before, please don't hesitate to leave your opinion on our service on these websites. Thanks and happy shooting!