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The Westcott Ice Light is a first ever easily-handheld LED daylight light source. Offers the ability to shoot and light in tandem without the need of heavy light stands or additional mounting systems. Since it's virtually heat-free the risk of on-set injury or product damage will no longer hinder your shoots.

Features the latest Lithium Ion battery technology and can be run via both AC or DC power. Fast charge times are less than 2.5 hours, with the ability of plugging the Ice Light into any standard power outlet and run continuously all while charging the unit.

Innovative Technology
- Fully dimmable from 1.5 - 15W
- Flicker-free design for both photo and video
- Wide 72.6° beam angle (50% broader than most LED lights)

Neutral Daylight Color
- Compact LED daylight light source
- Virtually heat-free lamps rated for 50,000+ use
- Wrap around frosted diffusion front projects soft, even light

Complete Lighting Solution
- Mount to a light stand, tilter bracket or mini tripod

Kit Includes:
- 1 Battery Charger / Power Cord
- 1 Carry Case